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The Pros and Cons of Debt Settlement

Is debt settlement too good to be true? If you’re drowning in debt, the many tools to become debt free may seem confusing and debt settlement enticing. Here’s everything you need to know about using debt settlement to become debt free. What is debt settlement? Debt settlement or debt relief is a means of paying … Continued

4 Curious Reasons Gays Earn More Money

Why do gay men earn more? How do you feel when you find out someone is earning more money than you? How about when the person earning more money is a member of our queer community? Hear how gay men earning more money can help our community What factors are causing gay men to earn … Continued

Slay Debt in 2021 with the Debt Lasso

Debt Lasso is Your Debt Free Solution Are you so over stressing about credit card debt? Would you like to make 2021 the year you rewrite your money story and SLAY your debt once and for all? The Debt Lasso and Credit Card Pay Off Plan are the right solutions for you.  Listen to the … Continued

Talking Gay Stereotypes with Kyle & Mike of Gayish

How can we overcome gay stereotypes? Are gay stereotypes always bad? Can some of the assumptions people make about the queer community be beneficial? How do these seemingly positive stereotypes impact our finances and mental health? Let’s find out. Hear Mike and Kyle’s advice on breaking stereotypes In what ways can gay stereotypes impact our … Continued

Amy Coney Barret: The New Gay Agenda

How does Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barret affect us? Amy Coney Barrett is the newest Supreme Court Justice on a now conservative bench. This is what we must do now to continue to fight for our rights. How we can respond to Amy Coney Barret’s appointment: Let’s focus on creating change On this episode … Continued

10 Kinda Crazy Ways We Save Money

What can you cut back on in life to save money? 15 years ago, we got serious about getting out of debt, and now, we’re on track to be retirement millionaires! How did we save that kind of money? By getting creative and implementing a few strategies that are simple, sometimes weird and maybe even … Continued

Are Joint Taxes But Separate Finances Smart?

Joint taxes and separate finances For LGBTQ married couples who normally keep their finances separate, the prospect of filing joint taxes may seem complicated. How do you divide the taxes you owe in a way that’s fair to both of you? Get all the answers here. Hear Harvey’s advice for LGBTQ couples filing joint taxes … Continued

3 Ways Cascading Homophobia Hurts Pay Equality

How cascading homophobia affects the LGBT pay gap Despite the Supreme Court ruling in favor of LGBTQ job protections, homophobia in the workplace didn’t disappear. Companies big and small still suffer from cascading homophobia, which hits our community in the pocketbook. Here’s how we can change that. Hear more about cascading homophobia on this Queer … Continued

5 More Super Simple Investing Tips

What investing tips should you know? No other part of the economy is designed for success quite like the stock market. So, what’s keeping you from being a member of the Investing Class? Setting up an investment account is easy, and you can get started today by using our investing tips! Make money now with … Continued