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How to Make Money with Covered Calls

Can you make money with covered calls

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When is the covered call strategy the most lucrative

You’ve heard the saying, ‘Make your money work for you.’ But how?

It’s more than just investing in index funds or stocks. It’s taking advantage of simple strategies to use your current cash and stocks to generate even more money!

Nate Thomas, also known as Trader Nate, is the creator of A Trader’s Education, a newsletter that offers basic trading strategies for small accounts, helping people trade growth stocks and sell covered calls to beat the stock market.

On this episode of Queer Money®, Nate joins us to share his strategy to generate income from his existing stock portfolio—covered call options trading. Nate walks us through the benefits of the covered call strategy, explaining when call options are most lucrative and what options you have as the buyer of a covered call.

Listen in to understand why a covered call option is low risk and learn how the covered call strategy can supercharge the growth of your retirement portfolio!

Listen to get more insight on how to make money with covered calls

Topics covered on how to make money with covered calls

  • How Nate defines an ‘option’ in the context of trading
  • Why Nate suggests starting with the two most basic options trades—calls and puts
  • When an investor might consider writing a call option
  • The 2 options you have as the buyer of a covered call
  • Why the covered call strategy is working for Nate right now
  • How the covered call strategy caps the upside and gives you downside protection
  • How much time Nate spends each day executing the covered call strategy 
  • How to request options trading ability from your broker
  • Why Nate recommends trading covered calls in your IRA rather than a brokerage account
  • How we use the terms ‘strike price’ and ‘breakeven point’ in options trading
  • What it means to be ‘in the money’ or ‘out of the money’ (and how to calculate your breakeven)
  • When the covered call strategy is most lucrative



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