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How to Manifest More Money and Abundance

4 Steps on how to manifest more money

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How to manifest abundance in other aspects of your life besides more money

Have you manifested the love of your life? The house of your dreams? Or the car from your favorite movie? You haven’t? Then it may surprise you to hear that you’re already good at manifesting. It’s just that many of us subconsciously manifest things we don’t want. But with just a little change in effort, we can all start manifesting the relationship, the money, and the motor vehicle of our dreams.

Nick Demos is a Tony Award-winning producer, documentary filmmaker, and host of The Creative Solopreneur Podcast. He is also a Manifestation and Mindset Coach who empowers creatives and coaches to be unapologetically visible and manifest while making an impact. 

On this episode of Queer Money, Nick joins us to explain what it means to manifest money, how it happens, and why so many of us attract things we don’t actually want! Nick walks us through his four steps of manifesting, describing how to REVIEW, RELEASE and REWRITE our negative money stories to RECEIVE the abundance we deserve.

Listen in for Nick’s insight on getting specific about what you want, and find out what you can do TODAY to manifest more money and abundance in your life!

Listen to get more insight on how to manifest more money

Topics covered on how to manifest more money

  • What it means to manifest money and how it happens
  • What to do if you’re subconsciously manifesting things you don’t actually want
  • Why so many of us struggle with repetitive negative thoughts (despite being naturally abundant)
  • Nick’s 4 steps of manifesting—review, release, renew and receive
  • Why Nick’s LGBTQ clients have a hard time bringing awareness to their money stories
  • How to manifest abundance in other aspects of your life, e.g., health, relationships, etc.
  • The difference between positive thinking and being abundant
  • Using journaling, breathwork, or meditation to identify negative thought patterns
  • Nick’s challenge to focus on WHY you want to manifest a specific dollar amount
  • How to cultivate the sense of safety and self-love that attracts abundance
  • Why it’s okay to be specific about what you want (without getting attached to the details)
  • How to overcome self-doubt and cultivate the faith that you’ll attract what you want
  • Nick’s advice to focus on one area vs. trying to manifest everything all at once
  • The first step you can take today to manifest abundance


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