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How to Build a Profitable Email List

What can you do to help build an email list?

Learn the first steps you need to help build your email list here. Then, get a kick start on your journey to financial independence by eliminating credit card debt with the free 7-Step Credit Card Debt Slasher.

What strategies do top influencers use to grow and build an email list

What’s the best way to grow your small business, be it a side gig or a full-time business?

You might be surprised to hear that even in 2023, the answer is email. In fact, top influencers are growing their lists to 50,000-plus subscribers and earning $1 million or more a year through email newsletters. And that intrigued digital marketer Chenell Basilio, inspiring her to reverse engineer exactly how these virtual business owners are achieving such success. Chenell is the Chief Marketer at Conversion Owl Marketing and the Founder of Hustle to Startup. She is also the creator of Growth in Reverse, an email newsletter that teaches the growth strategies of top influencers. 

On this episode of Queer Money, Chenell joins us to explain why email is still the best way to reach your audience and how virtual business owners are monetizing their newsletters in various ways. Chenell walks us through the strategies top influencers use to grow their email list and describes how to transition your social media followers to an email newsletter.

Listen in for Chenell’s insight on the advantage LGBTQ influencers have in growing an email list and learn the first steps to monetizing your own email newsletter!

Listen to get more insight into how to build an email list

Topics covered on how to build an email list

  • Why email is still the best way to reach your audience in 2023 
  • How we connect differently on email vs. social media
  • The best way to transition followers from social media to your email list
  • How Chenell is reverse engineering how top influencers grow their email list
  • The subscriber numbers you need to make good money with an email list
  • Chenell’s first steps to growing your own email list
  • What strategies top influencers use to grow their email list
  • How creators are monetizing their email newsletters
  • Deciding what to write about in your email newsletter
  • How to connect with other influencers for a cross-promotion
  • The advantage LGBTQ influencers have in growing our email lists
  • The biggest mistake people make in monetizing an email list

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Resources on how to build an email list

  • ChatGPT
  • CreditWise

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