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How to Advance Your Career with OutBüro

Why your career must include LGBT networking Though LinkedIn is a valuable professional networking tool, not all of us feel comfortable being ‘out’ in that setting. Glassdoor offers quality insight into what it’s like to work at specific companies, but it doesn’t share experiences specific to LGBT employees. That’s why you need the LGBT networking … Continued

Gays In Sports is Still an Uphill Battle

Taking a stand on gays in sports Football remains sluggish in embracing inclusivity, hindered by its hypermasculine culture and locker room dynamics. Overcoming this stigma is crucial for LGBTQ athletes to excel without fear. How can we dismantle these barriers and create an environment where they can shine, free from repercussions? Landon Foster played football … Continued

5 Unique Ways to Save When Dining Out

Let’s save when dining out We love, love love, dining out. We didn’t realize how much until we realized we had $51,000 in credit card debt due to dining out. So, we’ve devised five unique ways to save when dining out. How to save when dining out Dining out doesn’t have to put a dent … Continued

Lillian Karabaic and Personal Finance

How Lillian Karabaic Uses Ziggy as Her Personal Finance Muse A little glitter makes everything better—and that includes personal finance! Ziggy Stardust and kitten videos may not be the first things that come to mind when you think about getting educated on money matters, but that’s because you haven’t met Lillian Karabaic. Lillian is a … Continued

5 Money Moves for Gay Teens

Money moves Gay Teens Can Make Starting Today Homeless gay teens make up 40% of the homeless youth in America. That means our LGBT teens need some serious financial help to be prepared for adulthood. Here are our four best money moves to make when you’re gay and 18. Whether we jump out or are … Continued

John Roberts and the Workplace Equality Index

John Roberts’ Workplace Equality Index When you think of an activist, what comes to mind? Marching in the streets? Are there other ways to promote LGBT rights, advocating for workplace equality and social change? The Workplace Equality Index, created by John Roberts, just may answer that question. John Roberts is the creator of the Workplace Equality … Continued

Todd Sears and Return on Equality

Return on Equality helps a business’s Return on Investment There’s no doubt you’re familiar with the concept of a Return on Investment (ROI) — but what about the idea of a Return on Equality? Todd Sears of Out Leadership shares his insight on how business can improve its bottom line LGBTQ inclusion. Todd Sears’ Return … Continued

Mental Health and Money

Is there a connection between mental health and money? Do you worry about money? A recent survey of our community revealed that 82% of LGBTQ couples worry about money at least once a month, with 58% of respondents admitting to feeling anxious at least once a week! So, what exactly is getting us down? How … Continued