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The Best Event for LGBTQ Teen Entrepreneurs

A place for LGBTQ teen entrepreneurs Forty-two percent of students, including LGBTQ student, in grades 5-12 plan to start their own businesses one day and 3% are entrepreneurs already. Is there a place for these LGBTQ teen entrepreneurs to connect and build community with other teenpreneurs? Where can aspiring LGBTQ teen entrepreneurs (and their parents) … Continued

Don’t Miss the 7-Day Debt Freedom Challenge

Introducing the 7-Day Debt Freedom Challenge You’ve asked for it, and we’re happy to announce that the 7-Day Debt Freedom Challenge is live. You know you can be debt free. You just need the right tools. Here it is, so let’s get you started! The 7-Day Debt Freedom Challenge On this Queer Money™, we talk … Continued

Gay Facebook Ads Help LGBTQ Entrepreneurs Flourish

Using gay Facebook ads to make your business flourish Facebook’s been in the news for the wrong reasons lately. But even with the #DeleteFacebook movement, it still has more than two billion active users worldwide. This is why and how ALL LGBTQ entrepreneurs can flourish with gay Facebook ads. LGBTQ brick-and-mortar and virtual business owners … Continued

Managing the Hell Outta Your Great Gay Life

Make your great gay life greater Living fabulously for gay men means having a great gay social life, but a fabulously gay life can mean a fantastically small bank account! Get your great gay life on the same page on this Queer Money™: Have your great gay life on your Fabulous Social Life Planner 1. … Continued

One Surprising Secret to Better Gay Sex

Want better gay sex? ‘Talk dirty to me’ may take on a new meaning when you learn that discussing money with your partner leads to a stronger relationship, a better gay sex life (and lesbian, and transgender and straight sex) and greater happiness. How to have better gay sex? We partnered with Honeyfi for a … Continued

5 Super Simple Steps for Living Fabulously Every Day

Living fabulously every day Are you tired of getting the same results day in and day out, year in and year out? Today, on Queer Money™, we’re sharing the five mental and spiritual exercises that we practice for living fabulously every single day. Living fabulously on Queer Money™: 5 daily habits for living fabulously every … Continued

LGBTQ Student Loan Debt

LGBTQ student loan debt There’s a student loan debt crisis in our country. In fact, the $1.4 TRILLION in outstanding student loans has officials worried about significant economic consequences. Sadly, the LGBTQ student loan debt crisis is more severe. LGBTQ student loan debt study by Student Loan Hero Miranda Marquit and her colleagues at Student … Continued

Is Grindr the Next Best Gay Travel App?

Gay travel and LGBTQ travel-trends We’ve known that gay travel is in in the gay man’s DNA, but you might be surprised by Grindr’s recent study that revealed 40% of its LGBTQ users travel four times a year and 24% plan a vacation every month. A whole lotta gay travel pixx While those stats may … Continued

Why Even Unicorns Need Business Insurance

Business insurance for small business owners Even a blogger in their PJs has risk – it’s less risk than a landscaper, but an unhappy client or threat of copyright infringement are risks nonetheless. That’s why every entrepreneur needs business insurance. The new good news about business insurance Pogo Insurance is making it easy to secure … Continued