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Prelude to a Queer Money Kiss from a Rose

Prelude to a Queer Money Kiss from a Rose

Prelude to a Queer Money Kiss from a Rose makes absolutely no sense as a Queer Money™ episode title, but it’s the last day of 2017, I’m tired, I’ve had four margs and I’m headed to a NYE party in short order. But, Queer Money™ will be amazing in 2018. Hear’s why.

Prelude to a Queer Money Kiss from a rose in 2018

First, happy new year, and happy 2018! 2018 is a big deal for the Debt Free Guys personally. By January 03, we’ll have sold our condo and moved into an apartment in downtown Denver. On 01/07, we go on the first of many business and personal trips, this one to Los Angeles and Palm Springs. We have several brand partnerships to announce this year. We’ll be in Puerto Vallarta in April, get married in June and travel to Ireland and Spain for five weeks around September 12.

Whew! Now hear what’s in store for Debt Free Guys and Queer Money™:

2018 Prelude to Queer Money Kiss

So, WTF is a prelude to a Queer Money kiss?

We’ve already recorded some amazing Queer Money™ podcasts that we’ll publish in 2018. In January, alone, you’ll hear from Melissa “the Money Coach” Thomas. Though she’s as straight as a straight person, Melissa constantly does the gayest thing ever. She pulled herself and her family out of thousands of dollars of debt and now saves a ton of cash mostly to tour the with Elton John.

Then, we interview Alana Bochum of Ohio Business Competes. Queer people can still be fired, and be denied housing and services in 29 states simply for being queer. Among many problems these injustices cause, they cause undue financial stress for queer people. Alana’s organization’s fighting to change those laws in Ohio.

You’ll also hear from Chad Anderson, a journalist turned self-made documentarian. Chad’s passion is sharing the story of the life and murder of Gordon Church. Church was raped, tortured and murdered in 1988 for being gay. Our country wasn’t ready to talk about such attacks on our community then. It’s important for our community doesn’t forget about them now.

That’s just January! There’s a ton more coming in 2018.

WTF’s in store for Debt Free Guys?

Any day now – and by that, I mean within the next two months – will be revamped. We’ve taken your feedback and simplified our website to be easier to understand and find what you want and need when you want and need it.

Early in 2018, we’ll announce some exciting brand partnerships. Queer people consistently say we don’t trust financial services brands to know how to or even want to help us. You’ll soon see that there are a several financial services firms, and other companies, that want to be of service to us.

Towards the end of March, beginning of April, we’re launching the Debt Free Guys Queer Money™ Makeover. We’ve, again, taken your feedback to make something that will give you the help you want with your money.

The Queer Money™ Makeover is an online course (videos, exercises and readings) that’ll first help you pay off your debt, and start living fabulously, not fabulously broke. We’ll add more to the Queer Money™ Makeover, but most of 2018 will be focused on debt. Look out for more info soon.

Finally, join the private Queer Money™ Facebook group

We have big plans in 2018 for the private Queer Money™ Facebook group. First, if you don’t know that we have a private Queer Money™ Facebook group, you’re missing out. This is a group of (mostly) queer people working to live fabulously, not fabulously broke. There are several money pros to help you with any money questions you have and many Queer Money™ Facebook members with the same questions as you. You should join us.

In addition to our weekly #DFGLives on our Debt Free Guys Facebook Wall, we’ll soon start a private #DFGLive in our private Queer Money™ Facebook group. These will mostly be Q&As and one-on-ones with money pros to answer all your money questions.

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