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How We’re Taking the Boring Out of Banking

Reimagining banking to not be boring

How do you feel about going to the bank? Somebody in a suit who doesn’t really get you? What if the banking was more fun and less stressful? What if you could talk to someone like you to get the help you need?

What non-boring banking looks like:

A leader in unboring banking reimagined

Jennifer Windbeck’s the Managing Vice President of Capital One Cafés and Branches, In-Store Experience, Operations and Network Management with Capital One. In her role, Jennifer leads the growing network of cafés across the US, and she is responsible for associate and customer experience and localized brand-building activities.

Capital One’s committed to supporting the queer community, earning a perfect score on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index. The bank was also designated as one of the best places to work in terms of LGBT equality for the sixteenth consecutive year!

On this episode of Queer Money®, Jennifer joins us to explain what banking reimagined means for you and your banking experience and discuss how the company is tapping into emerging retail trends through café experiences. She describes just-in-time money coaching, sharing a focus on personal connection and adapting to what people of all backgrounds and challenges really need.

Hear Jennifer’s insight around Capital One’s efforts to hire a diverse group of ambassadors – special note to LGBTQ people looking for new careers – and learn how our banking partner is engaging with trusted organizations in the communities it serves.

Topics covered on taking the boring out of banking

What Capital One means by Banking Reimagined

  • Rethink how customers interact with money + banking
  • Remove intimidation from experience

How Capital One is tapping into emerging retail trends

  • Focus groups to determine customer needs
  • Attention to the design of cafés (Rockwell Group)

Capital One’s just-in-time money coaching

  • Provide support over time OR address an urgent need
  • Starts with understanding values

Why our financial security continues to decline

  • People overwhelmed by choices
  • Taboo around talking about money

How Capital One is meeting social expectations

  • Hire diverse ambassadors that reflect the community
  • Partner with nonprofits for community outreach

What’s next for Capital One in 2020

  • Grow presence in café space (low-income areas)
  • Product, digital experience innovation

The story Capital One would like to share

  • Focus on a personal connection
  • Adapt to offer what people need

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