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How to Pick Your Best Career

What career is best for you

What should I do with my life? A lot of us in the LGBTQ community seem to settle for jobs that are in the realm of easy possibility rather than finding and fulfilling our true purpose. But how do you know what you’re called to do? How do you pick a career that’s best for you? 

Hear how to discover happiness by picking your best career

How picking your best career can improve your life

On this episode of Queer Money, I’m sharing my long road to purpose-driven work. I explain how I acquired $34,000 in credit card debt after college and what inspired my transition from retail to a career in financial services. I describe the early signs from the universe that were steering me toward my purpose, including an inspiring episode of Oprah and the feat of paying off our $51K debt.

I go on to discuss the kick in the pants the universe gave me in the form of depression and a demanding boss, weighing in on how our savings gave me the resources to walk away from my W-2 and start the Debt Free Guys platform. Listen for insight into how my life has changed now that I’m pursuing my true calling, and get inspired to pick a career that fulfills YOUR purpose!

Topics covered on how to pick your best career

 How I acquired $34K in credit card debt after college

  • Furnish apartment with ‘adult things’
  • Engage in nightlife to make friends

My transition from retail to financial services

  • Friend’s mom helped get an interview (dot-com boom)
  • Rewarding to help people with financial lives

The early messages I got from the universe

  • Oprah interview with an author regarding finding  your purpose
  • The idea to write a book after paying off debt


How the universe finally forced me to find purpose

  • A new team at work, near-abusive relationship with my boss
  • The negative situation led to burnout and depression

What inspired me to finally quit my job

  • Conversation with David + emergency fund
  • Able to finish the book and start Debt Free Guys

How my life has changed now that I’m pursuing my purpose

  • Fulfillment from having a platform to help others
  • Spend time with David AND enjoy what I do

My advice on finding your life’s purpose

  • Look for signs, messages from the universe

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