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The Best Gay City to Live in Tennessee

What is the best gay city to live in Tennessee?

Which city in Tenessee is the most LGBTQ-friendliness? Find out here on this episode. Then, let us help you reach financial sustainability and independence by eliminating credit card debt with the free 7-Step Credit Card Debt Slasher.

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Which city gets the top best gay city to live in Tennessee?

Affordability versus LGBTQ-friendliness, the next city in our series is the best gay city to live in Tennessee.  Which is the most affordable, most LGBTQ+-friendly city in Tennessee?

   1) Chattanooga

   2) Clarksville

   3) Franklin

   4) Johnson City

   5) Knoxville

   6) Memphis

   7) Murfreesboro

   8) Nashville

Which city in Tennessee is the runner-up for the most affordable, LGBTQ+-friendly city? It’s not Johnson City, though, by our formula, it should be. We can’t, in all good conscience, come close to recommending LGBTQ+ people move to Johnson City with its 12 out of 100 on the Human Rights Campaigns Municipal Equality Index. It only has a score other than 0 because it reports hate crimes, but not necessarily LGBTQ+ hate crimes.

Johnson City does have decent median and average incomes and a low cost of living, and it comes in the lowest for rent and third lowest home values. But Johnson City must do better with its LGBTQ+-friendliness to get our recommendation.

So, which is the runner-up city in Tennessee for affordability and LGBTQ+-friendliness with a little personal editing? Nashville!

Rent in Nashville averages $1,850 a month. Home values average $421,000 a property. It has the highest cost of living at 103.1% but the highest average income at $74000 a year and median income at $52,000 a year. Nashville also has the highest HRC MEI of 77/100.

Which is our winning city? Memphis!

Rent is high at $1,480 a month, but home values are low at $226,000 a unit. Memphis also has the lowest cost of living, even compared to other smaller towns, at 77.5%. This could be because of home values. Memphis also has a slightly better average income @ $66000 a year and median income at $47,000 a year, with both coming in at #4.

Finally, Memphis has the second-highest HRC MEI of 54/100.

What are some other great things about Memphis?

The queer scene’s a bit different in Memphis with all the Blues and other music clubs. It’s still quite LGBTQ+-friendly, even with just two gay bars, The Pumping Station and Dru’s Bar. The “gay districts” are Midtown, Cooper-Young, and Crosstown. Many LGBTQ+ folks seem to hang out at the local coffee shops, including Otherlands, Muddy’s Bake Shop, and the OUTMemphis Community Center.

A special thank you to our listeners and viewers for tolerating John’s singing at the start of today’s show. Thank you, as always, for listening to another episode. On next Thursday’s Queer Money bonus episode, we’re covering the most affordable and most gay friendly city in the state of South Dakota. 

If you’d like to see the results of all the cities in each state that we’re analyzing, go to or click the link in your podcast player for a growing analysis.


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