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What’s Dividend Investing and Why Should I Care

What’s dividend investing and what are the 4 key benefits

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How can you use dividend investing to prepare for retirement

You may have heard your grandparents talk about dividend investing and thought, ‘Okay, Boomer.’ But your meemaw and papaw are actually onto something this time. Dividend investing is a great way to grow your retirement portfolio now or generate income once you’re in retirement—lying in blue beach chairs or flip-flopping around PTown.

Joseph Hogue is an OG when it comes to investing and the personal finance world. After serving in the Marine Corps, Joseph became a real estate investor and investment analyst. Joseph has appeared on Bloomberg and CNBC as an investment expert and published 10 books in the personal finance space, and he serves as the host of the popular Let’s Talk Money YouTube community.

On this episode of Queer Money®,  Joseph joins us to explore the benefits of dividend investing, explaining why some companies issue dividends rather than reinvesting their earnings in the business for growth. Joseph discusses the likelihood that investors will get a predictable dividend return and why you should prioritize dividend stocks into retirement accounts to save on taxes.

Listen to Joseph’s advice on investing in companies that consistently increase dividend payouts and learn how to use dividends to prepare for retirement or generate an extra stream of passive income.

Listen to get more insight into what’s dividend investing

Topics covered on what’s dividend investing

  • How Joseph defines a dividend as a return of profits to stock investors
  • Joseph’s take on the 4 key benefits of dividend investing 
  • How dividends get paid out by a company’s Board of Directors
  • The likelihood that investors will get a predictable dividend return 
  • How dividend payouts affect stock prices (both in theory and in practice)
  • Why some companies choose to issue dividends vs. reinvest earnings in the business for growth
  • How to calculate dividend yield and why you should be cautious of very high-dividend yields
  • What kind of investor should consider dividend stocks
  • How to grow ownership value in a company by reinvesting dividends
  • Why it’s crucial to prioritize dividend stocks into retirement accounts
  • How dividend yields decline as stock prices rise and vice versa
  • Simple ways to invest in companies that have consistently increased dividends over decades
  • Why utilities, energy companies, and consumer staples tend to pay higher dividends than other industries
  • How to use dividends to prepare for retirement or cover expenses in retirement
  • Joseph’s insight on how dividends fit into the 4% strategy



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Resources on what’s dividend investing

  • Yahoo Finance Historical Data
  • NOBL Aristocrats ETF
  • Schwab Equity Income ETF
  • CreditWise

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