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LGBT Healthcare 411 Under the Evolving ACA

LGBT Healthcare Concerns are Real There’s a lot of noise surrounding the Affordable Care Act, and that makes it hard to distinguish truth from partisan rhetoric. A recent Policygenius survey regarding the ACA reveals that literacy around the law—and health insurance in general—is distressingly low. Where can we go for accurate information as open enrollment … Continued

Queer Money™ Facebook Group Questions

Queer Money™ Questions Answered Every once in a while, we mix things up a bit on Queer Money™. This week is one of those weeks. Queer Money™ this week is all about your questions. We’ve taken 3 questions from the Queer Money™ Facebook group and are sharing our thoughts with you on these 3 topics. … Continued

6 Tips to Write Your Best Self-Assessment EVER

Slaying Your Self-Assessment Interested in getting a promotion at work or a hefty raise? Your best bet is to sell yourself by way of an exceptional, well-written self-assessment. But how do you prove that you reached your performance goals? What is the best verbiage to use? How much should you write? Today on Queer Money, … Continued

How to Make LGBT Businesses Thrive

LGBT Businesses Thrive at the NGLCC Business Conference There are 1.4M LGBT businesses in the US, yet only 1K take advantage of the benefits of being a certified NGLCC business enterprise! At the recent NGLCC annual conference in Philadelphia, we spoke with a variety of LGBT Business attendees about their involvement with the organization and … Continued

A Debt Pay Off Success Story You Shouldn’t Miss

Debt Pay Off Success According to a recent study conducted by Experian, the 25-34 demographic identified ‘paying off debt’ as their number one financial concern. Forty-nine percent of 25- to 34-year-old LGBTQ respondents also reported having bad spending habits. Hear three gay men’s stories of paying off credit card debt for good and join us … Continued

How to Retire Early with Real Estate

Retire Early with Real Estate If money wasn’t holding you back, what would you do with your life? What if you had the opportunity to retire early with real estate and pursue your dreams? Chad Carson shares five early retirement real estate tips that let him retire at 36, and now have the freedom to … Continued

How to Advance Your Career with OutBüro

Why your career must include LGBT networking Though LinkedIn is a valuable professional networking tool, not all of us feel comfortable being ‘out’ in that setting. Glassdoor offers quality insight around what it’s like to work at specific companies, but it doesn’t share experience specific to LGBT employees. That’s why you need the LGBT networking … Continued

Gays In Sports is Still an Uphill Battle

Professional football is slow to embrace inclusiveness. The hypermasculine nature of the sport coupled with the locker room setting make coming out as a gay man more difficult than it might be in other industries. How can we remove the stigma so that LGBTQ athletes can feel comfortable bringing their authentic selves to the field … Continued