Kickstart your financial independence with these 9 (often missed) basic steps!

5 Unique Steps to Reach Financial Independence

Want to reach financial independence?

Unique people like queer folks need unique solutions. Here are 5 unique steps for LGBTQ+ folks to reach financial independence and retire early. Start your journey to financial independence by getting rid of any credit card debt with the free, 7-Step Credit Card Debt Slasher.

Start taking steps to reach financial independence. 

Pick your FIRE number. Pay off debt. Avoid lifestyle creep. Spend intentionally. Increase your income.

A lot of FI advice is pretty beige, and colorful people like us need creative solutions to address our unique needs in order to get the same or even better results!

On this episode of Queer Money, we share five unique steps LGBTQ+ folks can take to achieve financial independence, explaining how we used company-sponsored retirement plans to reach millionaire status without making six figures. We explore how employer stock purchase programs or ESPPs allow you to buy shares of the company you work for at a discount and describe some of the other employer benefits that might be available to you.

Listen in for insight on using annuities or insurance to reach and maintain financial independence and learn how to protect yourself, your loved ones and achieve FI—no matter what the Supreme Court decides to do.

Listen for the 5 unique steps that can help you reach financial independence:

Topics Covered

  • How using a company-sponsored retirement plan can help you achieve FI
  • How we reached millionaire status in less than 15 years without making 6 figures
  • The option to have a self-directed 401(k)
  • 5 unique steps LGBTQ+ folks can take to reach financial independence
  • How ESPPs allow you to buy shares of the company you work for at a discount
  • Why we recommend either a fixed or indexed annuity with a survivor benefit
  • The benefit of securing disability, long-term care and life insurance
  • Why it’s crucial for LGBTQ+ individuals to update our legal documents and beneficiary info
  • Employer benefits that might be available to you, e.g.: tuition reimbursement



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We’re David and John Auten-Schneider, the Debt Free Guys ( and hosts of the Queer Money® podcast. We help queer people (and allies) live fabulously not fabulously broke by helping them 1) pay off credit card debt, 2) become part- or full-time entrepreneurs and 3) save and invest for retirement.

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