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How to Separate Business & Personal Finances

Separate Business & Personal Finances Are you using your personal checking account for your side hustle? Here’s the very important reasons to separate business and personal finances How to separate business and personal finances If you’re just starting a microbusiness, it may seem like no big deal to commingle your business and personal finances. But … Continued

10 Pros & Cons of Starting a Side Business

Should you start a side business? Starting a side business is an obvious way to bring in additional revenue and enjoy a little extra security. But there are real challenges with managing a side hustle. Here’s how you know if entrepreneurship is right for you? Hear what to consider before diving into a side business … Continued

How to Plan for Long-Term Money Goals

Do you have money goals? You wouldn’t road trip from NYC to LA without a map. So, why drive blind toward your money goals? Here’s what a plan to reach money goals looks like. Hear how to plan your financial roadmap  Create a long term plan using these money goals On this episode of Queer … Continued

This Too Shall Pass, and Here’s How

This too shall pass The current crisis and quarantine have changed life as we know it. In addition to fears for our physical health, many are out of work and nervous about their financial health. Here’s what can we do to survive, so this too shall pass. Hear how this too shall pass Here’s why … Continued

How to Cover Unexpected Expenses

Be prepared for unexpected expenses We simply can’t predict what life will throw at us. But we do have options when unexpected expenses arise. Listener Rob is a young homeowner who needs to repair his retaining wall but doesn’t have access to a home equity line of credit. So, what should he do? Hear how to … Continued

7 Steps to Achieve a FIRE Lifestyle

Is a FIRE lifestyle right for you? Queer people were born to deviate from the norm. The FIRE community is non-conformist, too, with its money to reach financial independence, retire early and enjoy doing what they want when they want. Here’s how to reach your FIRE lifestyle. Hear 7 ways to start your FIRE lifestyle: … Continued

How to Build Wealth in Yourself and Your Community

How to build wealth   Women are generally paid less than their male counterparts, are often the primary caregivers for children and aging parents and are heavily targeted by advertisers. Sound familiar to anyone in the LGBTQ community? So, how can we all build wealth to level the playing field? Hear the benefits of building … Continued