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7 Home Buying Tips You Should Know

We talk with real estate pro William S. Matthews, who shares his thoughts on the state of the national real estate market and what his primary demographic, millennials, are looking for in real estate. We discuss home buying tips all prospective home owners should know when buying or selling a home, including “shining up” their … Continued

4 Keys to Winning the MidLife Career Change

MidLife Career Change It seems every generation wants a midlife career change earlier than the generation before them. A recent study shows that 73 percent of the 30-somethings want a new career, up from 64 percent in 2013. Another study shows that 80 percent of 20-somethings already want a new career. What should these job hoppers … Continued

Smashing Millennial Career & Retirement Planning

Today’s job and investment markets are different beasts than what other generations had to deal with when they started their careers and investing. However, the technological opportunities available to millennials position them for independence and to pursue their passions. These considerations make millennials career and retirement planning unique and exciting. So, just how are Millennial … Continued

Paying for Gay Weddings

Gay Weddings On this Queer Money™, we talk with financial guru William S. Matthews about who should pay for same-sex weddings when traditional norms don’t apply. While the public is opening up more and more to same sex marriage, none of us were aware of any queer friends whose family paid for same-sex weddings.

CinemaQ Is Queer Film in Denver

CinemaQ On this episode of Queer Money™, we talk with Patrick O’Brien, the Director of Development for the Denver Film Society at the Sie Film Center. From July 21 through July 24, The Denver Film Society is hosting its annual CinemaQ Film Festival, Denver’s only LGBTQ film festival. We talk about this and the impact of traditional and … Continued

In Bed with “Bed Buddies” Director, Reid Waterer

Bed Buddies Director, Reid Waterer On this episode of Queer Money™, we talk with shorts film writer and director of Bed Buddies, Reid Waterer. Reid’s written and directed other successful queer shorts such as Foreign Relations, Daddy’s Big Girl and The Deviants. Reid’s award-winning shorts, such as Deviants and You Can’t Curry Love, have played … Continued

Our Number One Question to Our Success

Will you do it? Will you ask the one question that will lay the yellow brick road to your success? It was this one question that allowed us to squash the wicked witch of debt and hail the rise of our own emerald city. We did it. So can you!

Meet The Lion Chad Nash

Wish you could travel for 2 years straight? Our guest this week has done just that. On Queer Money™ Episode 5, we talk with serial entrepreneur and author of The Lion in the Cubicle, Chad Nash. Chad shares insight and tips for successful living.

Gay Pride And Financial Prejudice

On this episode we are joined by financial advisor David Rae, CFP, of Los Angeles, CA. We talk about the fabulousness of PRIDE and the not so fabulousness of the financial state of our community. Who’s keeping up with Mr. & Mr. Jones? What can we do to do it better and we give 3 … Continued