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Confessions of Self-Worth and Spirituality

Our new self-worth and spirituality

We came into 2019 prepared for an amazing year. We were in talks with a bank to do a lucrative Queer Money Live tour and had the support of a number of corporate partners leading up to the launch of our Credit Card Pay Off Course. And then it all went south.

Hear our challenges (and successes) with our self-worth and spirituality

Our year of overcoming self-worth and spirituality

Just a few weeks into 2019, the tour fell through and the course, which we had expected to cover our living expenses for the year, didn’t get us through the month of January. The depression that followed made it painfully clear that our self-worth and spiritual health were not as strong as we thought.

Today on Queer Money®, we’re pulling back the curtain on the challenges we’ve faced earlier this year and explain how house sitting in small-town Pennsylvania taught us how much self-development work we have left to do. We discuss what we recognized about our self-worth being attached to external factors and share some of the books that have supported our ongoing spiritual journey.

We offer insight into the new morning routine that has brought us together as a couple and facilitated our personal growth, reflecting on how far we’ve come in the last few months—despite our challenging financial situation. Learn how the voice in your head is not you and learn how to let go of the false belief systems that don’t serve you to be an LGBTQ force for good in the world!

Topics covered on self-worth and spirituality 

Our confidence going into 2019

  • In talks with bank to do lucrative Queer Money Live tour
  • The anticipated success of course launch (corporate partners)

How expectations differed from reality

  • Expected course to cover 2019 expenses, didn’t even cover a month
  • Tour fell through and self-worth plummeted too
  • House sitting in Columbia, PA (uncomfortable being selves)

What we realized about our situation from reading A New Earth

  • Self-worth attached to other’s actions (i.e.: success of course)
  • Masking unhappiness with alcohol, therapy shopping, etc.
  • Defined by attachments to external things + other’s perceptions

David’s experience practicing the meditation exercises in Dr. Dispenza’s book

  • The feeling of joy, abundance + love like never before
  • No longer feel need to mask lack of self-worth

The new morning routine that has brought us together as a couple

  • Start the day with 20 minutes reading together
  • Follow-up with journal practice for introspection

The idea that the voice in your head is NOT you

  • Trained by others (parents, peers, church, etc.)
  • Use meditation to quiet voice and learn to feel

Where we are now financially and spiritually

  • Financial situation has not improved
  • Much better space mentally

The value in breaking down false belief systems that don’t serve us

  • Key to changing our financial situation, relationships
  • Affect positive change as LGBTQ community

Resources for improving self-worth and spirituality


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