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3 Steps to Start a Geoliberated Life

A geoliberated life is easier to achieve than you think Think you’ve got to be rich to afford three months in Europe? You CAN live a geoliberated life and enjoy extended adventures like the one we’re planning to Spain this winter. So, what are the three big things we did in advance to make our … Continued

5 LGBT Creative Advantages in Business

LBGT creative advantages Navigating the world as LGBT gives us advantages in creativity, letting us see possibilities others may not. So, how can you tap into those LGBT creative advantages? Hear all that and more. Learn the LGBT creative advantages for business: Put your LGBT creative advantages to the test  Peter Krask is the Founder … Continued

How to Smartly Give to the LGBTQ Community

How to give to the LGBTQ community and give right A “small” donation of $50 a month from each of us (3 NYC-priced drinks) would total $9 billion annually! Let’s smartly give to the LGBTQ community. Hear how we can all give to the LGBTQ community: Smartly giving to the LGBTQ community You don’t have … Continued

What Would YOU Do with a $5000 Bonus?

A $5000 bonus?! What would you do with a $5000 bonus? Maybe it’s a tax refund, bonus from work or check from your Aunt Mable. Maybe listen to this Queer Money®. What would we do with a $5000 bonus: The $5k question Without a plan, you may be tempted to spend the unexpected windfall on … Continued

How to Talk about Mom & Dad’s Money

It’s time to talk about Mom and Dad’s money A 2010 Met Life study suggests that LGBT children are more likely than their straight siblings to take care of mom and dad during their retirement. This is why it’s important we talk about Mom and Dad’s money. Here’s how! Ways to talk about Mom and … Continued

How to Pick Your Best Career

What career is best for you What should I do with my life? A lot of us in the LGBTQ community seem to settle for jobs that are in the realm of easy possibility rather than finding and fulfilling our true purpose. But how do you know what you’re called to do? How do you … Continued

Can Social Impact Help the Queer Community?

How social impact is growing the bottom line  What makes the gay rights campaign one of the most successful advocacy movements of all time? We recognized our social impact as an economic powerhouse and partnered with the business community to promote diversity and inclusion, leveraging corporate influence in the political sphere to further LGBTQ causes. … Continued

How I Achieved the Life of My Dreams

What achieving the life of my dreams looks like Growing up as the son of Italian immigrants in the Deep South during the Civil Rights movement wasn’t easy. Being gay didn’t make it any easier. Rather than taking on limiting beliefs, Bernardo Puccio eliminated the word CAN’T from his vocabulary and started visualizing “how I … Continued

I Quit My Job TWICE and It was Worth It

Why I quit my job twice and it was worth it  I’ve quit my job TWICE, so I speak from experience when I tell you that it’s totally worth it. Too many of us get stuck in jobs where we feel comfortable. We’re afraid to walk away from the security of a regular paycheck. However, … Continued