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7 Ways LGBT Personal Finance Is Different

LGBT Personal Finance Differences

This may surprise you – you may even disagree – but being LGBT does affect your finances. So, is LGBT personal finance different? Here are just 7 ways money’s different for queer people. Many folks, not just LGBT are struggling with credit card debt. For help specifically with paying off credit card debt, get the free 7-Step Credit Card Debt Slasher.

We got trolled for talking about LGBT Personal Finances!

In a recent Twitter conversation about LGBT money differences, we got pushback from a troll who claims that we’re inventing an issue that doesn’t really exist. But the numbers don’t lie. And if you look at the research around queer people and our finances, it’s obvious that we face a few challenges that others do not.

So, how does being LGBT make money different for you?

On this episode of Queer Money, we share seven ways LGBT money is different and provide the data to back up those claims, explaining how legacy beliefs influence our relationship with money and why our community is less likely to take advantage of financial services. We discuss the wage gap between LGBTQ workers and our straight, white counterparts as well as the high cost of living in popular ‘cities of refuge’ like New York and San Francisco.

Listen in to understand how a lack of protection impacts our finances in the queer community and learn five simple ways to overcome these LGBTQ money differences!

Listen for our 7 Ways LGBT Personal Finance is Different

Topics Covered

  • 7 ways LGBT money is different (and the data to back up those ideas)
  • How the beliefs we have about ourselves impact our relationship with money
  • The wage gap between LGBTQ workers and our straight white counterparts
  • How poverty and homelessness disproportionately affect the queer community
  • Why LGBTQ folks take on more student loan debt than the general population
  • The high cost of living in ‘cities of refuge’ like New York and San Francisco
  • Why LGBTQ people are less likely to use banks and other financial services
  • How the queer community can still be denied housing and human services in 30 states
  • The time, energy and money our community spends fighting for our rights
  • 5 quick solutions to help us overcome these LGBTQ money differences


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