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4 Curious Reasons Gays Earn More Money

Why do gay men earn more?

How do you feel when you find out someone is earning more money than you? How about when the person earning more money is a member of our queer community?

Hear how gay men earning more money can help our community

What factors are causing gay men to earn more money

Recent data reflects an apparent rise in income for LGBTQ couples. So, what’s behind this trend toward income equality?

On this episode of Queer Money®, we’re sharing the top four theories around why same-sex couples are starting to earn more, explaining how living in cities with larger populations translates to jobs with higher pay—but not necessarily a guarantee of financial security.

We weigh in on how being less likely to have children gives us the opportunity to earn more and describe how code-switching at work may come with a financial benefit. Listen in for insight on how the gender pay gap gives gay men an advantage and learn how those of us who do earn more can use our privilege to promote income equality for everyone in the queer community.

Topics covered on gay men and income equality

1. We live in cities with larger populations

  • 26% of the LGBTQ community vs. 22% of the general population
  • Higher-income to accommodate the higher cost of living

2. We’re less likely to have children

  • Spend more time at office, available for work travel
  • More mobile and more apt to live in urban areas

3. The gender wage gap

  • Result of binary, patriarchal society
  • The advantage for gay men in a household with two incomes

4. Many of us engage in code-switching at work

  • Modify behavior to adapt to cultural norms
  • The potential financial benefit to hide true self or fit in a box

Other reasons why gays earn more

  • Focused on proving ourselves worthy
  • Respect for education
  • Queer acceptance improving

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