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The Best Gay City to Live in Ohio

What is the best gay city to live in Ohio?

Which city in Ohio is the top LGBTQ-friendliness while being the most affordable?  Find out here on this episode. Then, let us help you reach financial sustainability and independence by eliminating credit card debt with the free 7-Step Credit Card Debt Slasher.

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What’s the most affordable, LGBTQ+ friendly City in Ohio? Let’s find out.

The good news is that six cities out of the eight that we analyzed scored 100 on the Human Rights Campaigns Municipal Equality Index. Also, none of the cities, just one of its burbs, has a cost of living at or above the national average, Cleveland, Akron, Cincinnati, Dayton, and even Columbus.

So, which city scored this week’s runner-up position? Akron! Why? It scored a 100 on HRC’s MEI. It has the lowest rents out of all eight cities reviewed at $1,117 a month. Home values are third at $193,000 and the cost of living is in the middle at 87.5%. Akron does have low median and average incomes at $53,000 and $70,000, respectively. This keeps Akdron from the #1 spot.

Which city is the most affordable, LGBTQ+ friendly? Cleveland! Why? It’s one of the six cities with 100 on HRC’s MEI. Home values come in at number four at $202K,000, while rents are in the middle at $1,321 a month. Cleveland has the lowest cost of living at 77.2%. Incomes are just over Akron, with a median income of $53,000 and an average income of $71,000.

Why else does Cleveland rock? Ohio’s gay capital is also home to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and the Cleveland Art Museum. Pride is the first weekend in June. Cleveland hosted the 2014 Gay Games. In October 2022 the New York Times reported that Cleveland’s building a gay district near the 30,000 square foot Fieldhouse, complete with restaurants, kitchen classes, and gardening.

Why is Columbus, not our winner? The retail mecca of USA rents is the highest in the state at $1,421 a month with home values also high at $284,000. The cost of living is 95.2%. Columbus isn’t the most expensive location in Ohio, the higher-end suburbs of Columbus, Cleveland are.

All that said, congratulations, Cleveland and Akron!

Get the dynamic list of Affordable LGBTQ+ Friendly Cities in the U.S. here.

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