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The Best Gay City to Live in North Dakota

What is the best gay city to live in North Dakota?

Which city in North Dakota is the top LGBTQ-friendliness while being the most affordable?  Find out here on this episode. Then, let us help you reach financial sustainability and independence by eliminating credit card debt with the free 7-Step Credit Card Debt Slasher.

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What’s the most affordable, LGBTQ+ friendly City in North Dakota?Let’s find out.

Today, we’re sharing the most affordable, LGBTQ+ friendly city in North Dakota. We covered South Dakora on Queer Money® episode #401.

Unlike Ohio, not a single city in North Dakota got a 100 on Human Rights Campaigns Municipal Equality Index. The highest ranking is 79/100, which goes to today’s winner. But first, which city is the runner-up for the most affordable, LGBTQ+ friendly city in North Dakota? Grand Forks! Why?

Grand Forks gets a 73/100 HRC MEI, making it #2 in the state. Incomes also hit the #2s with its median income the second to last at $50,000 and average #2 at $62,000. The cost of living is 96.8%. the second lowest. Home values are at $228,000. Rents are at $903 a month, less than half the national average, and almost $1,100 cheaper.

Which is the winning city in North Dakota for the most affordable, LGBTQ+ friendly city? Fargo! Why?

Fargo gets the top spot on HRC’s MEI at 79/100. It has the highest median income at $53,000 and the highest average income at $71,000. The cost of living comes in at number three at 97.2%. Home values are third at $275,000. Rents are second highest at $1,383 a month. The highs for rents, home values, and cost of living come from Fargo’s suburb, West Fargo. It did, however, only get 46/100 HRC MEI.

What are some great things about Fargo? Fargo’s Pride is August 10 – 13 this year. The Human Family hosts an annual LGBT Film Festival each year and, of course, there’s a Fargo-Moorhead Gay Mens Chorus.

Congratulations, Grand Forks and Fargo!

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