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The Economics of Making a Transgender Movie

What are the costs involved in making a transgender movie

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How you can get involved to help the making of a transgender movie

What does the budget of a queer indie film look like? What if you could invest in an LGBTQ movie as part of your diverse portfolio? Gabe Dunn is a New York Times bestselling author, screenwriter and filmmaker who writes for the Netflix series BIG MOUTH and hosts the Bad With Money podcast. Gabe’s short film Grindr Baby was named one of five Frameline Voices for emerging LGBTQ directors in 2023, and his latest project, You & I, You & Me, starts production next month.

On this episode of Queer Money®, Gabe joins us to discuss the economics of making a queer movie, sharing the budget for You & I, You & Me and some of the surprising expenses associated with producing an indie film. Gabe describes the themes of You & I, You & Me, explaining what inspired him to write a trans romance and why it’s so important.

Listen in to understand the role of a producer for an indie film and learn how to get involved in funding or promoting Gabe’s new project, You & I, You & Me.

Listen to get insight on making a transgender movie

Topics covered on making a transgender movie

  • The themes of Gabe’s trans romance You & I, You & Me
  • Why it’s important for Gabe to tell a story like this
  • How the queer community came together to support Gabe’s film
  • Proving that there’s an audience for a film like You & I, You & Me
  • The influx of LGBTQ movies at top-tier film festivals
  • The benefits of investing in an independent film
  • What inspired Gabe to tell the story of You & I, You & Me
  • The differences between indie films and big-budget studio movies 
  • How much it will cost Gabe to make You & I, You & Me
  • The surprising expenses associated with making an indie film
  • What your money would be used for if you invest in Gabe’s film
  • How to get involved in funding/promoting Gabe’s movie

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