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Where Do Gays Retire

Where do gays go to retire

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How you can research to find out where gays retire

We all want to retire somewhere that’s both affordable and LGBTQ+-friendly. But do places like that exist? What else should we consider when deciding where to spend our golden years? Mark Goldstein hosts Where Do Gays Retire?, a podcast that explores safe, affordable places for the LGBTQ+ community to retire. Mark is also the creator of the Where Do Gays Retire Facebook Group, a 13,800-member community for conversations around the best places to retire.

On this episode of Queer Money®, Mark joins us to share his expertise about the most stereotypical and most surprising places where gays retire. Mark describes the growing interest in retiring abroad among the LGBTQ+ community, explaining what to research if you’re considering a retirement destination outside the US.

Listen in to understand the relationship between community and longevity—and learn how to find the right place to retire based on your priorities.

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Topics covered on where do gays retire

  • What inspired Mark to start a Facebook group and podcast on where gays retire
  • The most stereotypical places where LGBTQ+ individuals retire
  • Examples of surprising places where gays retire Mark has discovered through his platform
  • Why Mark’s podcast episodes on Uruguay and Ajijic, Mexico are among his favorites
  • The wide range of preparedness for retirement among the queer community
  • Why there’s a growing interest in retiring abroad among LGBTQ+ individuals
  • What to research if you’re considering retiring outside the US
  • Mark’s challenge to start your retirement planning by considering your priorities
  • Why healthcare is such an important consideration for gays in retirement
  • The habits and behaviors of LGBTQ+ people who’ve retired overseas successfully
  • Where Mark is on his own personal retirement journey
  • The relationship between longevity and being part of a community in retirement


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