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The Power of Telling Your Money Story

What you can gain by telling your money story

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How you can benefit from telling your money story

Do you make poor financial decisions, even when you know better? If so, it may help to dig into your money story to find out why. Stephani Niblock grew up in a cult that viewed women as caretakers who never said no to their husbands. So, when her partner wanted to buy a luxury car or see a pricey nutritionist, Stephani went into debt to make it happen. How did understanding her money story help Stephani turn things around? Today, Stephani is the creator of Be Your Money Hero, a platform and podcast that provides a safe space to explore the impact your past experiences and trauma have on your money.

On this episode of Queer Money®, Stephani joins us to explain what it was like to grow up in a cult and how it affected her beliefs about money. Stephani discusses how she got into debt and eventually filed for bankruptcy. She described how she took ownership of her ‘rock bottom’ money situation and finally got her financial life in order.

Listen in for insight on how trauma impacts our money decisions and learn how understanding your money story can help you change your financial life!

Listen to get insight into your money story

Topics covered on your money story

  • What it was like for Stephani to grow up in a cult and how she got away
  • The Institute of Basic Life Principles’ view of women and the queer community
  • How learning that her best friend was a lesbian led Stephani to question what she’d been taught
  • The IBLP’s view of women and the queer community
  • How growing up in a cult affected Stephani’s beliefs about money
  • Stephani’s experience getting into debt and eventually filing for bankruptcy
  • Why Stephani made poor financial decisions in her first marriage (even though she knew better)
  • What Stephani did to take ownership of her ‘rock bottom’ financial situation
  • Stephani’s unique way of documenting her goals and practicing gratitude for the good things in her life
  • Why changing the way she spoke to herself was Stephani’s first step to getting her financial life in order
  • Stephani’s advice for listeners like her who don’t have a college degree
  • Stephani’s current role providing trauma-informed financial education


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