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How to Invest in Short-term Rentals

What you can do to start investing in short-term rentals

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How you can be an investor in short-term rentals 

Are you considering investing in short-term rentals as an additional income stream… But not sure where to start? Jason Muth stepped away from a 30-year career in media in 2022 when his real estate investing side hustle, Straight forward Short-Term Rentals, became more profitable than corporate life! Jason also serves as co-founder and Director of Customer Experience at Prideaway Stays, a gay-owned STR cohosting business in Provincetown, Massachusetts, and Cohost of The Real Estate Law Podcast.

On this episode of Queer Money®, Jason joins us to discuss the steps he took to start making money with vacation rentals and share his approach to growing a short-term rental portfolio. Jason describes the hidden costs of getting a STR business off the ground and offers advice on mitigating the risks of ‘bad guests’ trashing your property or leaving negative reviews.

Listen in for Jason’s insight on making a profit on the purchase of real estate and learn how to get into your first STR property now—through ownership or cohosting a property.

Listen to get insight on investing in short-term rentals

Topics covered on investing in short-term rentals

  • How Jason’s side hustle with STRs turned into his full-time job
  • Why Jason focuses on classic vacation markets that have existed for decades
  • How listening to BiggerPockets inspired Jason to invest in STRs 
  • The first 3 steps Jason took to start making money with vacation rentals
  • What it means to have a ‘power tribe’ and why it’s important
  • Jason’s conservative approach to growing a short-term rental portfolio
  • The hidden costs of getting a short-term rental business off the ground
  • Why it’s crucial to set clear expectations in your listing and then overdeliver
  • Strategies for mitigating the risk of ‘bad guests’ trashing your property
  • Jason’s advice on responding to negative reviews by taking the high road
  • How to get into STRs through cohosting without buying a property yourself
  • What it means to ‘make a profit on the purchase’ of real estate


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