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How to Retire Early with Real Estate

Retire Early with Real Estate

What would you do with your life if money wasn’t holding you back? What if you could retire early with real estate and pursue your dreams? Chad Carson shares five early retirement real estate tips that let him retire at 36 and now he can travel the world extensively!

Hear all 5 early retirement real estate tips

Meet Chad, early retirement real estate guru

Chad is an active real estate investor and entrepreneur from Clemson, South Carolina. He writes and teaches real estate investing on Coach and through, the web’s largest real estate hub. Chad is also the author of Retire Early with Real Estate: How Smart Investing Can Help You Escape the 9-5 Grind and Do More of What Matters.

Chad joins us on Queer Money to discuss how to determine your own WHY rather than borrowing someone else’s financial goals. He explains how he survived the crash of 2008 and offers his take on making market predictions. Chad shares advice around investing in neighborhoods where you feel comfortable and house hacking early in your wealth-building journey. Listen in for Chad’s 5 early retirement real estate tips that let him retire at 36!

Topics covered on early retirement real estate

Chad’s early retirement at 36

  • Expenses covered by rental properties
  • Freedom to travel with family

The value in determining your WHY

  • Find ‘golden mean’ of money
  • Motivates through inertia

How Chad survived the crash of 2008

  • Cash reserves (i.e.: make $120K, live on $30K)
  • Borrowed money = dangerous tool

Chad’s take on market predictions

  • Can’t anticipate but can read signs
  • Be concerned about fundamentals
  • Can take 15 years for bubble to burst

Chad’s insight around areas with a high cost of living

  • Rent luxury, buy utility

Chad’s advice around investing where you feel safe

  • Spend time there, talk to neighbors
  • Look for B neighborhoods in path of progress

The concept of house hacking

  • Buy quad (live in one unit, rent others)
  • Buy single family with basement apartment

The financing alternatives to mainstream loans

  • Private lenders (e.g.: self-directed IRA or 401(k))
  • Negotiate lease with option to buy OR master lease

Chad’s 5-step plan for early retirement

  1. Get clear on WHY
  2. Identify financial independence number
  3. Progress on a wealth-building journey
  4. Pick the appropriate plan for YOU
  5. Get started

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