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Top 5 Most Affordable, LGBTQ+ Friendly Medium Cities

What are the top 5 most affordable LGBTQ+ friendly medium cities

What are the top 5 most affordable LGBTQ+-friendly medium cities? Find out here on this episode. Then download your FREE Queer Money Kickstarter, a 9-step Guide to Kickstart Your Journey to Financial Independence.

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What are the top 5 most affordable LGBTQ+-friendly medium cities?

On this Queer Money®, we’re sharing the 5 most affordable, LGBTQ+-friendly medium cities on our affordable, LGBTQ+-friendly city series. 

Davenport, Iowa, comes in at #5. Davenport has the lowest rents for a two-bedroom, two-bath apartment at $862 a month. Davenport has the lowest medium income at $47,000 annually. Per, Davenport, Iowa, was ranked 9th queerest city in the US by LGBT magazine in 2015. Davenport was a runner-up for Iowa on our Queer Money® episode #455.

Akron, Ohio, came in at the #4th spot. Akron has the highest home values at $193,000. Akron has the highest cost of living on this list at 87.5% of the national average. Akron has the highest average income at $70,000 annually. Akron is the 8th best city for LGBTQ+ singles. Arkon was the runner-up for Ohio on our Queer Money® episode #413. In 2009. Akron elected two openly gay politicians to local offices.

Coming in at the #3 spot is Syracuse, New York. Syracuse has the highest rents on this list, at $1,338 monthly for a two-bedroom, two-bath apartment. Syracuse has the highest median income at $55,000. Syracuse, New York, came in at #5 for most affordable cities in blue states. It is the father of Dorothy from Kansas, otherwise known as the author of The Wizard of Oz, author L. Frank Baum lived and was married in Syracuse, New York.  Syracuse is considered “super green” and has received top rankings for its environmentally friendly practices in publications like National Geographic and Popular Science.

Coming in at the #2 spot is Dayton, Ohio. Dayton has the lowest home values at $106,000. Dayton has the lowest average income at $66,000 annually. There are six queer bars in Dayton, Ohio.  Dayton is a one-hour drive to both Columbus and Cincinnati and less than two hours to Indianapolis. Dayton came in at #4 for Ohio on our Queer Money® episode #413.

It is worth noting that 29 of the 134 medium cities scored 100 on the HRC MEI, and 81 have a cost of living below the national average. 75, or 56% of the medium cities, came from red or purple states.

We have three honorable mentions. Madison, Wisconsin, came in at #16 and has a moderate cost of living with higher incomes. Worchester, Massachusetts, came in at #20 and had higher incomes, with the cost of living coming in just slightly above the national average. Albuquerque, New Mexico, came in at #21, and everything about Alburquerque came in the middle of the road. The cost of living was just below the national average and it ranked #20 on the list of best cities for LGBTQ+ singles.

Coming in at #1 is Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Cedar Rapids has the lowest cost of living at 81.8%. Everything else is better than average. Better than average medium, average incomes and lower than average rents, home values. Cedar Rapids came in #4 for most affordable cities for LGBTQ+ singles. Cedar Rapids held its first Gay Pride Day in 1995. Cedar Rapids was the winner for Iowa on our Queer Money® episode #455.

If you’d like to see the data for this growing series, get the dynamic list of Affordable LGBTQ+ Friendly Cities in the U.S. here. or click the link in your podcast player for a growing analysis.

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