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How LGBT Wallet Activism Can Hasten LGBT Activism

What is LGBT Wallet Activism?

 We can use wallet activism to help benefit us and the people and causes that are important to us. Make a difference by voting with your dollars.  Start by having more money in your pocket by getting rid of any credit card debt with the free, 7-Step Credit Card Debt Slasher.

Use your dollars to have an impact on LGBT wallet activism

How often have you felt like you want to make a difference in the world, but you can’t make a real impact as only one person? Well… that’s exactly what they want you to think. Companies, politicians, billionaires, and others have made fortunes off of us believing we don’t have the power to change the world. 

Tanja Hester is the author of the Our Next Life blog, Work Optional, and the new book, Wallet Activism. She is famous for retiring at age 38 and was dubbed the “matriarch” of the women’s FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) movement by The New York Times

On this episode of Queer Money®, Tanja joins us to discuss the idea of wallet activism and why it is so important to spend our money on products and services that align with our values. Listen in to learn how marginalized communities may be unknowingly purchasing against their own interests, why philanthropy can have serious consequences, and how marketers have convinced people they can’t make a difference.

Listen to LGBT Wallet Activism with Tanja Hester

Topics Covered

  • The definition of wallet activism and how it has gotten lost in the current consumption society
  • Why being intentional about wallet activism means deciding both where to shop and where not to shop
  • How easy substitutions to our regular products are extremely possible
  • How folks in marginalized communities may be purchasing against their own self-interests without knowing it
  • Starting wallet activism by prioritizing the issues you care about most first and aligning your spending habits accordingly
  • The importance of identifying the gaps in information and details that marketers have deliberately left unaddressed about the negative effects of any given product
  • Why more responsibility for activism comes with higher income
  • Changing the narrative around cutting down on non-essentials and making a difference with limited resources
  • The hidden consequences of toxic billionaire philanthropy and why you should donate on a regular basis
  • Why indifference is the enemy and how often people are convinced they can’t make a difference


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