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How to Talk about Annuities with Mom & Dad

When it’s time to talk to the folks about annuities

You’re the default caregiver for mom and dad and mom and dad need more income. Here’s how to talk about annuities with them to have income for life. Help them (and yourself) make retirement easier by starting to get debt free with the free, get the free 7-Step Credit Card Debt Slasher.

Talking about mom and dad’s money and about annuities

It’s hard to talk about money with our parents. How much money do they have? Should they expect social security payments? How do annuities actually work? We may not want to have these conversations with Mom and Dad, but as our parents grow older, we’re going to be the ones looking out for them. So, let’s have the conversation about money sooner rather than later.

On today’s episode of Queer Money®, we discuss our five tips for talking to your parents about money. Most of us fear outliving our money and a lot of what we think we know about annuities may be misconstrued. We’re here to motivate you to get real about retirement concerns.

There are many misconceptions when it comes to saving for retirement, so listen in to hear our insights on why you should summon the courage to propose an annuity to your parents as they enter their golden years.

Listen to our 5 tips on how to talk to mom and dad about annuities

Topics Covered

  • Our tips for talking to your parents about annuities
  • Common misconceptions about annuities and their perceived complexity
  • Breaking down the taboos of talking to your parents about money
  • Common trends on how adults save money and are generally unprepared for retirement
  • The importance of doing the math on what income your parents can expect in retirement
  • Fears and concerns people often have with retirement and saving money


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