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How to Work with Your Spouse (and Still Love Them)

Work with Your Spouse and Still Love them?

Having your own business is awesome. Being able to do it with the one you love is even awesomer. But what’s it really like to work with your partner? 

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Is it even possible to stay in love when your work with your spouse?

Bret Shuford is a Creative Life Coach and Broadway actor best known for roles in Wicked and The Little Mermaid. Stephen Hanna is a Broadway performer and former Principal Dancer with the New York City Ballet. Bret and Stephen were married in 2011, and together, they created Broadway Husbands, a platform dedicated to proving that ‘you can love who you love and love what you do.’

On this episode of Queer Money, Bret and Stephen join us to discuss the pros and cons of working with your spouse, describing what they’ve learned about each other and how it’s brought them closer together. They reflect on how long it took to start making money with Broadway Husbands and explain what content creators can do to protect themselves from the comparison game.

Listen in to understand how Broadway Husbands is helping Bret and Stephen prepare for retirement and learn how the business gives them the artistic freedom to pursue the projects they want.

Listen to Bret & Stephen share their story of working together:

Topics Covered

  • Why Bret & Stephen went into business together as Broadway Husbands
  • The pros and cons of working with your partner
  • What Bret & Stephen have learned about each other from working together
  • How doing Broadway Husbands brings Bret & Stephen closer
  • How having their own business affords Bret & Stephen artistic freedom
  • How long it took for Bret & Stephen to start making money with Broadway Husbands
  • How Broadway Husbands is helping Bret & Stephen prepare for retirement
  • How Bret & Stephen set boundaries around their personal and professional lives
  • Why comparison leads to self-sabotage and procrastination
  • What content creators can do to protect themselves from the comparison game
  • Bret & Stephen’s goal to normalize LGBTQ families and make the arts trendy


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