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Investing in Yourself with a Money Coach

How should you invest in yourself?

Talking about money with a partner is tough. Hannah & Juliette of Opportunity Knock$ share the value of investing in yourself with a money coach. Start your journey to financial independence by getting rid of any credit card debt with the free, 7-Step Credit Card Debt Slasher.

Is investing in yourself with a money coach worth it?

Talking about money with your partner is tough enough. Now, imagine having that conversation on national television!

Hannah & Juliette are a lesbian couple from Philadelphia who appear on Opportunity Knock$, a PBS show where money coaches Jean Chatzky, Patrice Washington and Louis Barajas help families overcome their financial challenges and build better lives.

On this episode of Queer Money®, Hannah & Juliette join us to share their experience on Opportunity Knock$ and explain what they learned from working with a money coach.

Hannah & Juliette discuss how to help others without sacrificing your financial security and describe the stress we carry when we’re worried about money.

Listen in for Hannah and Juliette’s advice for queer couples on improving your finances and find out how working with a money coach can improve your financial situation and your romantic relationship!

Listen to our conversation with Hannah & Juliette

Topics Covered

  • How Hannah & Juliette got cast on the show Opportunity Knock$
  • What it’s like to divulge your personal financial situation on national television
  • How Hannah & Juliette feel about being included on the show (as a same-sex couple)
  • What Hannah & Juliette learned from working with a money coach
  • How Hannah & Juliette’s communication around money has changed
  • How having a daughter inspired Hannah & Juliette to improve their money situation
  • Why financial security and helping others is not mutually exclusive
  • The stress we carry when we’re worried about money
  • What surprised Hannah & Juliette about where their money was going
  • Hannah & Juliette’s advice for LGBTQ couples looking to improve their finances
  • How working with a money coach can improve your relationship


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