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The Best Gay City to Live in Wyoming

Where’s the best gay city to live in Wyoming?

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What’s the most affordable, most LGBTQ+ friendly city in each state?

What is the best gay city to live in Wyoming? We based our decision on these six variables:

  1. HRC Municipal Equality Index = 5x weight
  2. Zillow’s ZORI = 1x weight
  3. Zillow’s ZHVI = 1x weight
  4. HH income median = 1x weight
    1. Inherent 2x weight
  5. HH income mean = 1x weight
    1. Inherent 2x weight
  6. Cost of Living = 2x weight

So, what’s the most affordable, most LGBTQ+ friendly city in Wyoming?

There aren’t a lot of municipalities in Wyoming, with it being the lowest populated state in the US.

This week’s Honorable Mention goes to Gillette, Wyoming. While it’s not super LGBTQ+ friendly,  it’s quite affordable and affordability weighs heavy in this analysis. Gilette ranks #3 in the Human Rights Campaign’s Municipality Equality Index, but it’s still bad for LGBTQ+ friendliness, with an HRC MEI rating of 22 out of 100.

However, average and median incomes are the highest of all Wyoming cities in this analysis. Both rent and home values are below average based on the six Wyoming cities we analyzed.

What’s the most affordable, gay-friendly city in Wyoming? Laramie Wyoming! Why? Well, out of all of the six cities in Wyoming included in our review, it has the highest HRC MEI ranking. Plus, it ranks #1 in rental affordability, with average rent at $919 per month, which is nearly half the national average of $1,970. The overall cost of living is about 93% of the national average, ranking #2 behind Riverton of all Wyoming cities analyzed. Laramie also doesn’t have the most expensive rental rates and home values in the state and has an average median income, which helps. Of note is that the University of Wyoming offers a lot of LGBTQ+ support and community. The city’s leadership in this red state has taken a public position on LGBTQ+ equality, which is huge and weighed heavily in the HRC MEI rating. Laramie offers HIV or AIDS services. For celebration and funding, Laramie’s Pride is typically the last weekend in June, with PrideFest events all year round. Finally, the annual Rendevouz Campout between Laramie & Cheyanne looks like a ton of fun.

Thank you for listening to another episode. On next Thursday’s Queer Money bonus episode, we’re covering the most affordable and most gay friendly city in Wisconsin. 

If you’d like to see the results of all the cities in each state that we’re analyzing, go to or click the link in your podcast player for a growing analysis.


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