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The Best Gay City to Live in Wisconsin

Where’s the best gay city to live in Wisconsin?

We are sharing insight into where the best gay city is in Wisconsin to live.  Find out which city is the best, and then begin your journey of reaching financial sustainability and financial independence by getting rid of any credit card debt with the free 7-Step Credit Card Debt Slasher.

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Which best gay city comes out on top in Wisconsin?

This week’s honorable mention is Green Bay, Wisconsin. Green Bay is decent in affordability with slightly above-average rent and cost of living with average median HH income. It’s just below average in cost of home values. Finally, it comes in at #4 of 19 cities for HRC MEI.

Wisconsin’s winner for the most affordable, gay-friendly city? Racine Wisconsin! Why?

Similar to Green Bay, it’s not #1 in any single category. It’s higher than Green Bay for average rent, much better than Green Bay for home values, and the cost of living is slightly below Green Bay. Raine’s also above average or average with median household incomes. It’s one of three Wisconsin cities with a 100 on HRC MEI.

But why aren’t Madison or Milwaukee the winner?

Both get 100 on HRC MEI, so that’s great. Madison, however, is last when it comes to rent, housing affordability, and cost of living. Milwaukee’s not far behind in those affordability categories. Although they’re both great “gay cities,” they’re not the most affordable.

Racine highlights include that it made national news in 2021 because the couple’s HOA told a gay couple in Racine to remove their pride flag, that they set up floodlights to illuminate their house in rainbow colors. The LGBT Center of Southeast Wisconsin is super active, and Pepi’s Pub & Grill is also very active within the community.

Thank you for listening to another episode. On next Thursday’s Queer Money bonus episode, we’re covering the most affordable and most gay friendly city in West Virginia. 

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