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The Power in Aligning Our Values and Standards

How aligning your values and standards is life-changing

Struggling to reach your goals despite how you value them? The problem is your standards. Hear the power in aligning your values and standards. Make aligning your values and standards easier with the free 5 Building Blocks of a Happy Gay Life here.

Hear the power in aligning your values and standards:

Are your values and standards in sync?

It’s easy to say that ideals like honesty, connection, and financial independence are important to us. But when the rubber hits the road, many of us are less trustworthy, less present with our loved ones, and less financially secure than we’d like to admit.

Fletcher Ellingson contends that when there’s a disconnect between your values and lived experience, the problem isn’t the values themselves or even your circumstances. The problem is your standards.

Fletcher is the creator of The Practice of Feeling Good, a coaching platform designed to help entrepreneurs and business owners overcome financial struggles and manage to overwhelm, so they can spend more time doing what they love.

On this episode of Queer Money®, Coach Fletch joins us to make the distinction between values and standards, explaining why our standards have much more influence over our results.

He challenges us to get honest about the areas where our standards don’t align with our values, describing how to make decisions around the standards we want to change and commit to following through.

Listen in to understand why low standards are not your fault but they are your responsibility and learn to tap into your personal power, setting new standards that support the values you care about most!

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