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9 Low-Cost Self-Care Options

How to practice low-cost self-care 

Finally! We’re starting to recognize the importance of self-care in maintaining our mental health. We share 9 ways to practice self-care without spending a lot of money.  Join this select group more easily with your free copy of the 5 Building Blocks of a Happy Gay Life here.

How can simple habits be beneficial to your mental health 

If you don’t have the money for a regular massage appointment or reiki treatment, in fact, taking care of yourself may be giving you extra stress! Luckily, there are a number of low-cost self-care things you can do to help your brain function better, reduce anxiety and also put a smile on your face.

On this Queer Money®, we share 9 ways to practice self-care without spending a lot of money, as well as, explain how a regular meditation or yoga practice can change your brain for the better. We discuss the mental health benefits of simple habits like drinking more water, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, together with getting enough sleep and taking a break from alcohol.

Listen in for insight on exercising your brain with a good book and take on our challenge to take better care of yourself today as well as avoid costly mental health interventions down the road.

Listen to self-care tips without breaking the bank:

“We know that when we’re sleep-deprived, that means we’re not getting true brain rest. And that true brain rest allows us to break the cycle of feeling anxious or having negative thoughts about ourselves.”

Topics covered on low-cost self-care tips

  • 9 ways to practice self-care without spending a lot of money
  • How drinking enough water improves energy levels as well as brain function
  • Why we suggest taking a break from alcohol or reducing your intake
  • The benefits of starting a regular meditation practice
  • How doing yoga once or twice a week can change your brain for the better
  • How to brighten your day with a homemade pedicure
  • The relationship between sleep deprivation and anxiety (and how naps can help)
  • How reading fiction serves as exercise for the brain
  • Taking a solo walk to focus on gratitude and enjoy the beauty around you
  • How fresh fruits and vegetables impact our physical and mental health


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