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Becoming a Real Estate Investor with Patricia Red Hawk

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Becoming a real estate investor

How do you become a real estate investor? Well, being a “queer dyke” apparently helps. But Patricia Red Hawk has several more gems for you on this Queer Money®. Meanwhile, get your free copy of the  5 Building Blocks of a Happy Gay Life here.

Patricia Red Hawk M.D. on becoming a real estate investor

Meet Patricia Red Hawk, “queer dyke” real estate investor

Curious about investing in real estate but hesitant to pursue it because no one you know owns the property? Yes, real estate investing is dominated by straight white men. And you might be the only queer person in the room at your local real estate meetup. But you absolutely can teach yourself the principles of investing and achieve financial independence with real estate if that’s what you want.

Patricia Red Hawk is the President and CEO of Red Hawk Property Group and Welliott Investment Group, a pair of real estate investment firms that focus on the acquisition and management of residential properties in US growth markets. She is also a contributor to the groundbreaking book, The Only Woman in the Room: Knowledge and Inspiration from 20 Women Real Estate Investors.

On this episode of Queer Money®, Patricia joins us to share her journey to becoming a real estate investor, describing how she grows confidence by taking risks and what it looks like to commit to achieving a big dream. She explains how real estate has transformed her life and shares her go-to resources for learning the basics of investing.

Listen in to understand why the queer community needs an extra dose of grit and learn how we can use being LGBTQ+ to our advantage as we work toward our vision of a fabulous life!

Topics covered to become a real estate investor

Patricia’s journey to becoming a real estate investor

• Learned basics of flipping working construction in college
• Decided to become a physician after time in the military
• Left medicine in 2010, skill set lent itself to real estate investing
• Built cashflow portfolio of single-family homes

Patricia’s insight on how to grow confidence by taking risks

• Life enriched by failures as well as success
• Feel fear but move forward, continue to level up

What to consider before you commit to achieving a goal

• Determine cost first, be willing to pay price without wavering
• Find people doing what you want to do
• Don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis or listen to naysayers

Why the queer community needs GRIT to achieve our dreams

• 60% of wealth inherited rather than earned
• Leverage grit required to claim yourself in other areas of life

How Patricia sees being LGBTQ+ as an advantage

• People who want to do business with her are self-selecting
• Memorable presence means people don’t forget her

How real estate investing has changed Patricia’s life

• Monthly cashflow covers living expenses
• Allows her to be an active parent and live with the intention

Patricia’s advice to aspiring real estate investors

• Learn basics with Rich Dad Poor Dad, CASHFLOW Quadrant
• Establish a network of experienced investors
• Learn market cycles, develop strategies for what’s ahead

Why you don’t need lots of money to be a real estate investor

• Many no and low money down strategies
• Requires investment of time rather than money

What Patricia is working on right now

• Lock in 30-year fixed-rate mortgage debt (inflation coming)
• Acquiring new/newly renovated homes in Pacific NW
• Rent by room to millennial tech professionals

What it means to be an accredited investor

1. Make at least $200K/year (single) or $300K/year (married)
2. $1M in net worth beyond primary residence

Connect with Patricia

Resources to become a real estate investor

5 Building Blocks of a Happy Gay Life

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