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LGBT Cryptocurrency with Joe DiPasquale

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LGBT cryptocurrency

There’s high interest in all things crypto and blockchain today. Find out exactly what crypto is, if you should invest in it, and what LGBT cryptocurrency means. Meanwhile, grab your free copy of the 5 Building Blocks of a Happy Gay Life here.

Hear Joe breakdown on LGBT cryptocurrency:

Can you benefit from investing in cryptocurrency?

Joe DiPasquale is CEO of Bit Bull Capital, which manages diversified, actively managed investment strategies in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Bit Bull Capital is a quickly-growing crypto hedge fund that returned 29% in 2018. He founded Bit Bull Capital in 2017 because of his belief in the active management of crypto investments. Joe has been an investor in 10 different crypto hedge funds and has run his own active strategies since 2013.

On this episode of Queer Money® podcast, Joe joins us to scratch the surface of crypto 411, describing what it is, the technology behind the many different types of crypto, differences in blockchains, and how to properly get your foot in the door with it all. He shares the full truth on what to expect in the investing world, sharing his strong beliefs, the risks involved, and his thoughts on the future of crypto. Listen in for insight on the different aspects of the crypto space, and find out how to stay up to date with the crypto world with Joe’s Bit Bull Capital newsletter.

Topics covered on LGBT cryptocurrency

  • How Joe got into the cryptocurrency space
  • The differences between crypto and blockchain
  • The ways crypto is different than online dollar transactions
  • The reason there are so many cryptos in the cryptocurrency space
  • The future of banks and credit card companies
  • Why crypto is a more logical form of currency
  • How cryptocurrency has the chance to make a positive impact on the LGBT community
  • Joe address the hesitation most have with cryptocurrencies and any future problems that could occur
  • Why invest in crypto
  • How to properly invest in crypto
  • What to expect when investing
  • The potential drawback to expect when investing
  • The importance of understanding the cryptocurrency and blockchain world before investing

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