Start building lasting wealth in 9 (often missed) steps.

10 Easy Ways to Find Extra Money

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You can find extra money

Extra money. Sounds like a dream right! Would it be nice if you could find extra money in your budget, your life and in your stuff? Find out 10 easy ways to do this on this Queer Money®. Meanwhile, grab your free copy of the  5 Building Blocks of a Happy Gay Life here.

The money supply is endless, if you know where to look

We all want more money. And we all think we don’t have enough. But the reality is that most of us have more money than we think. We just don’t know where to find it!

On this episode of the podcast, we share out top 10 easy ways to find extra money, explaining how to get free stuff (in exchange for product reviews) or get cash for your opinion. We describe how to pay off your student loans faster and leverage the Saver’s Credit to get as much as $2,000 off your tax bill.

Listen in for advice on selling the stuff you’re not using and find out how to slash your credit card debt—and save a LOT of money in the process!

Find Extra Money on Queer Money®:

Topics covered on find extra money

  • Our top 10 easy ways to find or make some extra money
  • How to get free stuff in exchange for product reviews on sites like PINCHme
  • The best websites for filling out surveys to get paid for your opinion
  • 3 strategies for getting control of your grocery spending
  • How to pay off your student loans faster
  • Who should consider increasing the allowance on their W-4
  • The benefit of selling the stuff you’re not using (and where to do that)
  • Why now is a good time to ask for a raise and how to go about it
  • How to make money by renting your extra space
  • Who can take advantage of the Saver’s Credit to get $2,000 off their tax bill
  • How to get support in paying off your credit card debt

Resources for finding extra money

5 Building Blocks of a Happy Gay Life

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