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How Physical and Mental Health Affect Financial Health

What is financial health, and why is it important?

Learn how our physical and mental health affects our financial health and how we can be good with all. Then, kick off your journey to financial independence by eliminating credit card debt with this free 7-Step Credit Card Debt Slasher.

How we take care of our bodies impacts our financial health

Did you know that diet and exercise can have a direct effect on your financial health? Diets. Budgets. Financial planning. Fitness routines. There are so many similarities between your physical health and your financial health. So, what can we do to make fitness more inclusive of more people? People of different backgrounds, shapes, sizes, colors, sexual orientations, and genders?

Matt Boyles is a gay personal trainer from England who helps gay, bi, and trans guys get strong, love who they are, and feel 20 years younger. He is also the author of The Fitter Confident Youniverse: An LGBTQ+ Guide to Wellbeing on Our Terms. 

On this episode of Queer Money®, Matt joins us to share his Fitter Confident You approach to making fitness fun, accessible, inclusive, and sustainable. Matt explores the benefit of working out for YOU because it feels good as opposed to trying to prove yourself to the outside world.

Listen in for Matt’s insight on the best tools for building new fitness habits and learn how to take care of your body, improving your physical, mental, and financial health!

 Listen to get more insight on your financial health

Topics covered on financial health 

  • Matt’s FCY approach to making fitness fun, accessible and inclusive
  • Why Matt suggests people start their fitness journey with baby steps (and what that means)
  • Matt’s advice for people who feel stuck when it comes to fitness
  • Why Matt never talks about appearance as a reason to start your fitness journey
  • Working out to prove yourself to the outside world vs. doing it for yourself because it feels good
  • How we’re conditioned to self-judge and deprioritize our health
  • How the AIDS crisis influenced our desire to appear fit and strong as gay men
  • The myth that our metabolism slows down dramatically as we get older
  • Why people in the LGBTQ+ community need fitness that is different from gym culture
  • Matt’s recommendations re: tools we can use to build new fitness habits
  • How the way we take care of our bodies impacts our financial health
  • Matt’s client who left a high-pressure job and reinvented his life



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Resources on financial health

  • The Fitter Confident Youniverse: An LGBTQ+ Guide to Wellbeing on Our Terms by Matt Boyles
  • CreditWise

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