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How I Grew a 3 Million Portfolio with Dividend Dream

What inspired Dividend Dream to help others, and how can she help you

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How Dividend Dream earns a passive income

Imagine earning enough passive income that work becomes optional. Today’s guest, Dream, leveraged dividend investing to do just that and grew a portfolio of $3 million in the process. So, how did she do it? And can you follow in her footsteps—even if you don’t know anything about investing right now?

Dream is the creator of the Dividend Dream, a YouTube channel dedicated to helping women and the LGBTQ+ community achieve financial independence. In her videos, Dream shares her dividend portfolio, explaining how she manages it day-to-day and inspiring her audience to grow a passive income of their own through dividends.

On this episode of Queer Money®, Dream joins us to discuss how she developed an abundance mindset despite the financial struggles she experienced in childhood. Dream shares her methodical approach to her career, explaining how she got control of her ‘job revenue’ and started diversifying her investments beyond a 401(k) early on.

Listen in to understand why dividend investing is suited for the queer community and learn how Dream earns $95,000 a year from dividends—work optional!

  Listen to get insight on Dividend Dream and investing

Topics covered on passive income with Dividend Dream 

  • Dream’s story of financial struggle after her parents’ divorce
  • How Dream developed an abundance mindset despite her money story
  • What inspired Dream to help others learn dividend investing
  • The origin story and meaning behind the acronym DREAMS
  • Dream’s methodical approach to her career and how she got control of her ‘job revenue’
  • Why Dream suggests negotiating a severance before you accept a job
  • When Dream decided to diversify her investments beyond a 401(k)
  • How being work optional gives Dream the freedom to think
  • How Dream thinks about investments as seeds and time as a multiplier of wealth
  • How Dream got into dividend investing and why it’s suited for the LGBTQ+ community
  • Dream’s goal to give people the confidence to start investing



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