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Being Your Authentic Self as an Entrepreneur

Why being your authentic self is important in business

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How do you make your small business or side gig stand out from the crowd and become a success? 

If you ask Matt Halloran, it comes down to using your authentic voice. 

Matt is co-founder and Chief Relationship Office at ProudMouth, a media company dedicated to helping financial advisors differentiate themselves and attract new business. ProudMouth has produced over 7,000 podcasts for financial professionals and generated over $2 million in revenue in its first four years in business, all by teaching FAs to be themselves.

On this episode of Queer Money®, Matt joins us to explain what speaking with your authentic voice means and why a side hustle is the perfect platform to be fully yourself. Matt discusses how to infuse your authentic self into your work as an entrepreneur and describes why content marketing is the only kind of marketing that works anymore.

Listen in for Matt’s insight on becoming a celebrity in your niche and find out why NOW is the time for LGBTQ+ people and our allies to put on our ‘unapologetically yourself armor’ and be loud and proud!

 Listen to get insight into being your authentic self

Topics covered on being your authentic self 

  • Matt’s take on what it means to speak with your authentic voice and how to do it
  • How ProudMouth helps financial advisors get comfortable with being themselves
  • Why your side hustle is the perfect place to be fully yourself
  • How to infuse your authentic self into your work as an entrepreneur
  • Why content marketing is the only kind of marketing that works anymore
  • Matt’s response to people who are afraid to create their own content
  • Matt’s exercises for identifying your authentic voice
  • Why Matt encourages us to be our authentic selves regardless of industry or business model
  • How marketing for small businesses has fundamentally changed
  • The concept of an influence continuum and how to become a celebrity in your niche
  • How Matt thinks about safety for LGBTQ+ people speaking in their authentic voice
  • Why now is the time to put on your ‘unapologetically yourself armor’ and use your voice



Connect with Matt Halloran

  • ProudMouth
  • ProudMouth on YouTube
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  • We Are ProudMouth on Facebook
  • Top Advisor Marketing Podcast

Resources on being your authentic self

  • PodRocket Academy
  • The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz
  • THAT Lesbian Financial Planner– LauraLaTourette on Twitter
  • CreditWise

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