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What LGBTQ+ Americans Are Doing Well

What are LGBTQ+ Americans are doing well?

As LGBTQ+ folks, it can often feel as if we’re doing everything wrong. But not here and not now! Find out what LGBTQ+ Americans are doing well with money. If you want to reach financial sustainability and financial independence, start here by getting rid of any credit card debt with the free, 7-Step Credit Card Debt Slasher.

LGBTQ are doing this well now

What LGBTQ+ Americans are doing better at this now

Great news!

Several studies in the past, including Prudential’s 2017 LGBT Financial Experience Survey, suggested that fewer LGBTQ+ Americans than the general population were using basic banking products, such as checkings and savings accounts. The 2022 Motley Fool/Debt Free Guys LGBTQ+ Money Study shows we’re now on par with the general population for using these basic financial tools. Let’s keep getting financially stronger! Do you have a checking and savings account?

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