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7 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Gay Couples & Polycules

Valentine’s Day date ideas for gay couples and polycules

So, you want to plan something special for Valentine’s Day… But it’s challenging to come up with ideas when COVID continues to limit what we can do.

How can queer couples and polycules create memorable moments together this Valentine’s Day? What can we do to strengthen our relationships and have a really good time—without spending a ton of money?

On this episode of Queer Money®, we share seven of our favorite Valentine’s Day date ideas for gay couples and polycules, encouraging you to start the day with a little extra sleep and a technology-free breakfast in bed.

We challenge you to get active on February 14th, hitting the gym together or going on a hike—followed by lots and lots of good sex!

Listen in for a fun way to initiate the money conversation with your partner on Valentine’s Day and get our best tips for having a budget-friendly, romantic night with the person or people you love.

Listen for 7 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Gay Couples & Polycules

Topics covered for gay Valentine’s Day date ideas

1. Get a good night’s sleep

• Sleep in and wake up naturally (keep tech turned off)
• Have breakfast in bed and enjoy time together

2. Cook dinner and cuddle up with a movie

• Keep costs under control but still have a romantic night
• LGBT-themed movies available on Amazon Prime

3. Work out hard together

• Hit the gym and go on a long bike ride or walk
• Mutual massage with music to relax and get frisky

4. Initiate the money conversation

• Start with dreams of what you want to do when COVID ends
• Use Couples Money Guide and build trust with a partner(s)

5. Plan a playdate together

• Have lots and lots of sex
• Express yourself and consider something adventurous

6. Do a self-care day together

• Try yoga, meditation or chill music to relax
• Feed your soul with resources on spirituality

7. Go on a hike together

• Pack bag with a favorite bottle of wine
• Enjoy intimate picnic spread

Resources for Valentine’s Day date ideas


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