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How to Side Hustle with I Like to Dabble

How can you benefit from a side hustle?

One of the big lessons we’ve learned in 2020 is that an extra stream of income is ALWAYS a good idea. But how do you pick a side hustle that’s right for you? Find out here.

Hear ways to succeed in your side hustle game

Want your own side hustle?

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How many reasons do you need to make more money?

Start making money with a side hustle

Daniella Flores is the creator of I Like to Dabble, a personal finance blog designed to help others build bigger and better lives with side hustles. In less than three years, Daniella and her wife Alexandra paid off $35K in debt with what she calls side dabbles—and by ‘getting their financial shit together.’ A software engineer by day, Daniella is passionate about helping people bring in more money and manage it well.

On this episode of Queer Money®, Daniella joins us to explain what inspired her to become a serial side hustler. She discusses how being openly LGBTQ has helped her as an entrepreneur and describes how financial autonomy has both improved her confidence and changed her outlook on life. Listen in for Daniella’s insight on what makes for a successful side hustle and learn how YOU can take the first steps to earn extra money doing something you love.

Topics covered on side hustles 

What inspired Daniella to dabble in side hustling

  • Tried freelancing to supplement income as a software engineer
  • Started blog out of desperation (laid off twice in a single year)

Some of the things Daniella has done to make money

  1. Freelance gigs in web development
  2. Repair and resell PlayStation consoles
  3. Resell items from garage sales/thrift stores
  4. Freelance writing and graphic design
  5. Live painting at festivals

How COVID impacted Daniella’s side hustle earnings

  • Ad earnings and traffic drop in March, April and May
  • Numbers started to go up in July

Daniella’s take on what makes for a successful side hustle

  1. Research what’s in demand
  2. Know schedule (time to commit)
  3. Works with personality type

How being openly LGBTQ has helped Daniella as an entrepreneur

  • Support of queer community within personal finance space
  • More confidence than ever had in a day job

How financial autonomy has changed Daniella’s outlook on life

  • Inspire other Latinas to build wealth
  • Possible to leave day job eventually, move out of state

Daniella’s advice on what side hustles you should avoid

  • Stay away from multilevel marketing companies
  • Be cautious of weight loss/fitness shakes, forex trading

Daniella’s first steps to starting a side hustle

  • Brain dump ideas, highlight any that make you smile
  • List of skills already have and want to learn/build on

The pros and cons of using a side hustle to pay off debt

  • Fast-track process without giving up fun activities
  • The danger of budget creep

The top obstacles to getting started with a side hustle

  • Overwhelmed by the idea of creating a website
  • Don’t understand the legal side, especially taxes

Daniella’s advice on building a website for your side hustle

  • Use page builders to drag and drop on WordPress
  • Consider using LinkedIn profile as a portfolio

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