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Live Debt Free or Make More Money

Live Debt Free was the Obvious Choice

Why did we choose to live debt free over making more money? For some, this seems like the stupid mistake but listen to the podcast this week and find out why.

Queer Money by Mass Mutual

Our First Choice

More, more, more. Buy, buy, buy! It’s the American dream, right? It’s in all the pictures we see on Instagram, Facebook and Tumbler. Everyone wants that social medial picture-perfect life. The one that seems to breed envy. The one that makes the rest of us TGIF once a week for 50 weeks a year, while saying, “Ugh! I can’t take another Monday” 50 weeks more.

To be honest, it was partly seeing and hearing our FB friends complain about the jobs they hate but felt chained to, each Monday morning that kept us motivated to follow through. You see we were both headed up the pay scale and up the corporate ranks when we had our fateful visit to Winter Park, Colorado. The one that locked us in the car for 90 minutes and forced us to have a heart to heart about our finances. The one that convinced us that living debt free was a better choice than just making more money.

We share all of that and more in this week’s Queer Money™ episode:

Live Debt Free Topics covered

  • We cover our own debt back stories of how we landed in $51,000 in credit card debt
  • We share exactly what it was that caused us to have our a-ha moment and then choose to live debt free
  • We discuss why it was important to pay off our debt first
  • We examine why just making more money wouldn’t have been the solution
  • We also talk about our biggest successes because we chose to live debt free first over making more money
  • Plus, why making more money is now an important factor in us living up to our original dream of giving back to our community
  • We also each give a tip on how we lived a fun life while we were paying off debt and why that was an important factor in us living debt free instead of making more money
  • Finally, we share why we came up with the 7-Day Debt Freedom Challenge and how it’s helping hundreds get set for a better debt free life

Like usual, John and I are going against the grain when it comes to most in the cis white gay community. We aren’t running after the A-list, trying to hit all the gala events and show off our cars, homes or vacations, although we do love to travel. Instead we chose to live debt free first because it’s in line with our true values; our love for each other, our desire to spend more time together, having time to travel and see the world together and ultimately create a path through the dense jungle of financial confusion for our LGBTQ brothers and sisters who really want to help themselves. It may not be the choice for you, but if it is, we’ve got you covered on Queer Money™.

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