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2022 Huge Same-Sex Social Security Change

Same-Sex Social Security Change

Recent Social Security changes for same-sex partners, even if your partner’s passed, could get you for tens of thousands of dollars. Find more below. Start your journey to financial independence by getting rid of any credit card debt with the free, 7-Step Credit Card Debt Slasher.

Changes for same-sex partners at the Social Security Administration

Imagine struggling financially for decades and then getting a $90,000 payout from Social Security. Or having your monthly Social Security benefits double.

Would you like if it happened to you? Or someone you know?

It could. And it IS due to recent changes in Social Security for same-sex couples.

Aaron Tax is Director of Federal Government Relations at SAGE, an advocacy and service organization for LGBTQ+ elders. He has 10 years of experience advocating for LGBTQ+-inclusive policies that account for the unique needs of older adults in our community.

On this episode of Queer Money®, Aaron joins us to explain the recent Social Security policy changes for domestic partners, discussing the two groups of LGBTQ+ people previously denied spousal and survivor benefits who are now eligible.

Aaron describes how to prove that you are (or were) in a committed, same-sex relationship to receive these benefits, and we offer examples of LGBTQ+ individuals whose monthly Social Security payments increased dramatically as a result of the changes.

Listen in for Aaron’s insight on the budgeting resources available to seniors through SAGE and learn how YOU can help spread the word about Social Security and change the financial lives of any LGBTQ+ elders you know!

Listen to Aaron share more about these changes:

Topics Covered

  • The role SAGE plays in improving the lives of older LGBTQ+ individuals
  • Aaron’s work around changing public policy to benefit LGBTQ+ seniors
  • Why the Social Security Administration is making changes to its policy re: spousal and survivor benefits
  • The 2 groups of people previously denied spousal or survivor benefits who are now eligible
  • How to prove that you are/were in a committed same-sex relationship to the staff at Social Security
  • Examples of LGBTQ+ individuals whose Social Security payments increased dramatically as a result of these policy changes
  • Why it’s crucial to spread the word re: Social Security changes to LGBTQ+ seniors you know
  • How SAGECents helps LGBTQ+ seniors with financial planning



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