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How to Overcome FEAR in the Queer Community

Top 3 ways to overcome fear in the queer community

Is fear keeping you from living at your highest vibration, and that’s keeping you from everything you truly want? Join us in committing to quitting your fears today then, get inspired with this episode, then start your journey to financial independence by getting rid of any credit card debt with the free 7-Step Credit Card Debt Slasher.

Are you allowing fear to lead your decision-making?

We’ve struggled with this lately, and we’re not alone. Many of our friends and colleagues in the LGBTQ community are making decisions about how we dress, what we pursue as a career, how we create, and even the work we do out of fear. So, what can we do to overcome fear and manifest the life we want?

On this episode of Queer Money®, we share three ways to overcome fear in the queer community, explaining how most of the things we worry about never materialize. We discuss what it means to be authentic, challenging you to align with your purpose and attract the people who will support you rather than trying to please everyone.

Listen in to understand the power of sharing your vulnerability and learn how to show up fully and make decisions from a place of strength as you build the life you’ve always wanted!

Listen to learn how we can overcome fear in the queer community

Topics covered on how to overcome fear in the queer community

  • Why the LGBTQ community may be more prone to making decisions out of fear
  • How we define FEAR as False Evidence Appearing Real
  • What the law of attraction says about emitting a low- vs. high-energy vibration
  • How trying to make everyone happy impacts every aspect of our lives
  • How we make it harder for ourselves by thinking we’re separate from abundance
  • The power in aligning with your true purpose (and how that affects your financial decisions)
  • Our top 3 ways to overcome fear in the queer community
  • What it means to be truly authentic vs. faux authentic
  • The benefit of sharing your vulnerability with the important people in your life
  • How asking for help exudes a sense of strength and persistence
  • Our commitment to show up fully and stop editing ourselves to please others



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