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5 Tips to Win at Infladating

What is infladating?

Whether you’re with the one you want or still trying to find them, redefine what dating means so it fits your budget and this high-inflation environment. Get inspired with this episode, then start your journey to financial independence by getting rid of any credit card debt with the free, 7-Step Credit Card Debt Slasher.

How you can win at inflating with these 5 tips

Is inflation making it hard for you to pay for traditional dates like dinner and a movie? According to the dating site Plenty of Fish, you’re not alone. In their recent survey, 48% of singles suggest going on less expensive, more budget-friendly dates due to the current economic environment. But what does this look like in practice? How can you hop on this new trend called infladating?

On this episode of Queer Money, we share five ways to win at infladating, describing some of the not-so-expensive dates we went on while we were getting out of debt ourselves. We offer examples of hobby-centric, non-traditional dates like volunteer events or intramural sports and challenge you to host at-home date nights that focus on connecting rather than spending.

Listen in for insight on saving money with the dry-dating trend and learn how to talk about your budget upfront with potential romantic partners!

Listen to our discussion on how to win and infladating

Topics covered on how to win at infladating

  • How infladating is defined as going on less expensive dates due to inflation 
  • Why we recommend focusing on connecting vs. spending on dates
  • Our top 5 tips to help you WIN at infladating
  • The NSE (not-so-expensive) date night challenge we gave ourselves when we were in debt
  • 7 free and cheap date ideas
  • How to save money by following the dry-dating trend
  • Examples of hobby-centric, non-traditional dates like volunteer events or intramural sports
  • What it looks like to have fun at home
  • The value in talking about your budget upfront with someone you’re dating



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