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Why Being Out at Work Matters

Being out at work

Fifty percent of LGBTQ individuals in the US are not out at work. That matter. What can companies do to encourage self-identification? How can businesses use this information to support queer employees and advocate for equality in the places where they operate?

Hear how LGBT+ Self ID helps those out at work:

How Out Leadership’s helping people come and be out at work

Todd Sears is a former investment banker and financial advisor turned entrepreneur for equality. He led pioneering LGBT+ inclusion initiatives at Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse before founding Out Leadership in 2011. Todd originated the idea of a Return on Equality, and his global leadership initiatives seek to engage senior leaders around LGBT+ opportunities, develop talent, and impact business results.

Today, Todd joins us to discuss the recently published LGBT+ Self-ID Study, explaining what prompted Out Leadership to conduct this research and how companies can use the information. He weighs in on what companies need to do to promote LGBT+ self-identification and offers insight around the pros and cons of coming out at work. Listen in to understand what Out Leadership hopes to accomplish through the LGBT+ Self-ID Study and learn how visibility among the queer community improves the corporate culture for other minority groups!

Topics covered for helping with coming out at work

The Out Leadership Global LGBT+ Self-ID Study

  • Information campaign for companies around the world
  • Creates visibility for invisible minority

How many in the queer community are not out at work

  • 50% of employees in the closet in the US, Europe
  • 90% in closet in China

What prompted Out Leadership to do the research

  • Business leaders misinformed about compliance
  • Provide best practices, assess legal risks

How companies can use LGBT+ self-ID information

  • Create inclusive policies and procedures
  • Advocate against discriminatory laws (e.g.: IBM in India)

How companies can promote LGBT+ self-identification

  • Address privacy concerns
  • Explain why it matters (i.e.: leadership development)

The pros and cons of coming out at work

  • More likely to be promoted, happy and engaged
  • We still face discrimination in many areas

Todd’s goals for the LGBT+ self-identification campaign

  • Improve numbers around who is out at work
  • Channel for companies to create support systems

How supporting the queer community helps other minority groups

  • Improves corporate culture in general
  • Safe for gay community = safe for others

Todd’s advice for young professionals

  • Reach out to LGBT senior people in a company
  • Take advantage of OutNEXT program

Connect with Todd 

Resources for coming and being out at work 

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Coming out at work is scary, for sure, but being out at work matters. As Harvey Milk said, “Come out to everyone.” Here’s how and why that matters. #LGBTBusiness #LGBTQIssues #ComingOut #MoneyConscious #LGBTBiz #QueerMoney #FabulousGayLive #Gay #GayMen #Lesbian #Transgender #Bisexual #Queer


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