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One Gay Couple’s Debt Free Journey, So Far

Nathan and his husband’s debt free journey

As Nathan, one member of the Credit Card Pay Off Course will tell you, the first step in fixing your financial situation is developing an awareness of how and why you spend the way you do. Nathan and his husband’s debt free journey will change how you think about debt.

Listen to Nathan’s debt free journey

Nathan’s debt free journey revealed

On this episode of Queer Money®, Nathan joins us to explain how his financial situation changed when his partner joined the military—but their spending didn’t. He describes how covering the bill for friends at restaurants and bars compounded his debt and explores how being a gay man influenced his spending.

Nathan also shares how moving to Japan inspired him to fix his finances and why it’s crucial to understand the psychology of your spending. Listen in to find out how Nathan has paid down $10K so far and is on track to save $3,800 in interest payments by the end of the year with our Credit Card Pay Off Course!

Topics covered on one gay couple’s debt free journey

Nathan’s financial situation prior to the Credit Card Pay Off Course

  • Partner joined military 4 years ago, took a pay cut
  • Still spending as if making $125K

How Nathan got into credit card debt

  • Offer to pay for friends at restaurants and bars
  • Frequent travel to see family

How being gay influenced Nathan’s spending

  • Use the money to keep people close
  • Need to be viewed as successful

What motivated Nathan to get out of debt

  • Relocated to Japan with husband
  • Take control + fix finances before next move

Why Nathan chose the Credit Card Pay Off Course

  • Understand psychology from a gay angle
  • Reverse thinking around money

Nathan’s debt free journey with the Credit Card Pay Off Course

  • Classes, consistent reminders to stay on track
  • Start with $55K in debt, paid off $10K so far

How much Nathan is saving as a result

  • Tackle cards with the highest interest rates first
  • $3,800 by end of year
  • Since this recording, Nathan and his husband have paid off $21,000 in debt

What aspect of the course surprised Nathan the most

  • Realizing little things add up (e.g.: App Store)
  • How to spend more important than income

Nathan’s plans once he’s debt free

  • Build retirement savings and travel
  • Similar lifestyle but pay with cash

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